[Conference]Display Event Time by Timezone

We’re running a virtual conference. Our schedule (and spreadsheet settings) is set to Eastern Standard Time. People are going to be logging in from all over the United States. I would like for the scheduled events to adjust to the User’s time. That way, someone in the pacific time zone will know that the welcome starts at 9am while someone in the east coast will see the welcome starting at 12pm to account for the timezone difference.

As of now, what is displayed on the schedule is the date/time in eastern time as it is entered that way into the google sheet.

This might help. You can create a template column with the date/time and “GMT-4” or or possibly EST or ET appended to the end. Then use that template column as your calendar date and I believe it should adjust accordingly for each user.

Or you can adjust your time to GMT time and then calculate the user offset automatically and adjust the time with some date math. This is what I do in this example.


Sorry, I should have said EDT instead of EST since we are still in daylight savings, but maybe ET will cover both. I’m not sure though.

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Thank you so much @Jeff_Hager I’ll give it a try!

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Adding to Jeff’s answer, if you ever want to have those being able to be submitted by people from any timezones (not just GMT-4), then you can calculate their offset in the user profiles sheet and submit that info alongside the new event when someone adds to that Sheet using a form in the app.

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Thanks again @Jeff_Hager I was able to

  1. Go into my google sheet
  2. Added two columns
  3. one column for EDT
  4. The 2nd column was concate formula for the original date/time and EDT (with a space before EDT in the EDT column
  5. Then I copied and pasted the concatenated value (paste special copy value only) back into the date/time column
  6. Deleted the two extra columns
  7. Refreshed/synced the app with the spread sheet
  8. And now, what is entered as 12:00 EDT shows up as 9:00 am on my local device!

I need to ask my colleague in the east coast to verify that hers still says 12:00pm.
Hoping this solved the problem!!! UPDATE Her app showed the correct time! WOOHOO!

Thanks again!

BTW I entered and recreated your GMT app and while it was fun and I learned a lot, your initial suggestion of just adding EDT did the trick!

Thanks again!


Glad you got it to work! Just some advice, which I’m sure you realized in my app, is that you probably could have avoided any temporary columns in the google sheet itself. If you know your times are always going to be based on EDT, I think you could have simply created a template column in the glide data editor to join the date column and EDT. The template column would be your your date source for the calendar in the app. The glide calendar is incredibly flexible at interpreting text based dates and times in a variety of formats. Maybe you have reasons for doing it the way you did. :wink: Nothing wrong with how you did it, but just something to keep in mind for the future.

Here’s another thread for some inspiration.