Users in different time zones

Let me preface by apologising if this has been covered elsewhere - I’ve read lots of topics but remain confused!
I am using Google Sheets on my app for most pages. There is no respect timezones page on my date column because it is Google Sheets, I get that.

What I want to know is does the date/time visible on a user’s app reflect their time zone?

So let’s say on my app it says an event listed is at 2pm UK time.
Would a user in California see this as an event listed as taking place at 6am on their time?

No, they wouldn’t. Everybody would see the same time no matter where in the world they are.

If you want to convert to each users timezone then what you can do is first determine the users UTC offset, and then apply a correction. And the most reliable method for determining a users UTC offset that I am aware of is the one given in the below thread:


Thanks Darren!

So to clarify, if someone from California added something to the app scheduled for 2pm their time that would also appear as 2pm my time right?

Yes, that’s correct.