Problem seeing time in a cell

Hello Guys,

I have problem related to time.
I have a field in a table with a date.
A “Make” scenario, triggered by a stripe payment, send the current date and time to this column.
However, when the event is triggered, the time that appear is current time +2 hours, and when I click on the cell, the correct time appear.

Do you have any idea how I can do to see the time correctly?

Thank you for your help.

Do you have “Respect Time Zone” enabled on on the date column?

Is this table Google Sheets/Glide Tables or something else?

Maybe try checking the time zone setting of your Make account

Yes it is enabled.

This is a Glide Table and not a google sheet table.

It may be adjusting the time to your local timezone and assuming that the time in that cell is GMT time. What Make is writing into that cell is not an ISO standard for dates and does not include any indication as to which timezone that date and time originated from.

Because of the way Make is writing dates to that column, I would disable “Respect Time Zone”. Or, you can maybe keep it enabled, but make sure you are always writing GMT time to that column.

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I would suggest checking the timezone param of the formatDate function and play around with it, in Make.