Timezone Incorrectly converted by GLIDEAPP (conversion is doing the opposite of what it is supposed to do)

My app’s URL: https://yfhnb.glideapp.io

I am struggling with timezones in calendar view and seems that there is a bug in the timezone conversion from the google sheets date time to user specific settings.

It seems that the conversion is wrongly done in a symmetrical way (i.e. GMT-3 is instead converted to GMT+3 or GMT-1 is instead converted to GMT+1)

To demonstrate this I created 3 events in GMT timezone, being my computer and the google sheets settings also in GMT) and gave the name of the event the GMT time of the event to ease up comparison.

Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 11.53.43

I then changed the timezone from my computer from GMT to EST (GMT-5).
(When I do this, the times in glideapps dashboard and google sheets remain the same)
The time in the app now is converted to GMT+5 instead of GMT-5.

My timezone is changed to GULF STANDARD TIME (GMT+3)
The time in the app now is converted to GMT-3 instead of GMT+3.

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