Time Zones

I’m from Australia and noticed the timezone seems to be US time. Is there a feature within Glide to recognise which timezone your in. I’ve set tasks with overdue features and much to my surprise noticed they’re not overdue the next day.


Have you set your timezone in your google sheet?

Any timestamps that you capture from inside the app will always be the current time from your device

Wrong thread

Thank you. The first problem was my settings in the app, my silly fault.
I’ll have to stress test it as it will be used in Standard Eastern time, Western time, middle time and daylight saving time. That is Eastern Seaboard where I’m from doesn’t have Daylight saving time, the rest of the East does. The middle of the country is half an hour behind and the West is 2 hours behind but both have daylight saving time.

That reminds me of a sign that used to be on the QLD/NT border near Camooweal.
It read:

“You are now entering Queensland. Please set your watch forward 30 minutes, and back 20 years”




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