Work around for timezones

Issues with Timezones? Well no more!

Step 1
In your Google Sheet, set define a local timezone. File > Spreadsheet Settings > Under General, Choose a Locale and Timezone > Under Calculation make sure you have On change and every minute selected.

Step 2
In any sheet on your Google Sheet, create a column and in the first row’s cell type the formula “=NOW()”.

Step 3
In your Glide database, go to the sheet set for Profiles. Create a new “Single Value Column” and refer to the sheet and first row of the column you just created. BAM, now everyone in your app has a STANDARD time.


  • Auctions! When a user creates an auction, have time define a length of the auction. Use the User > Standard Time instead of “Current Date/Time”. Use a maths to create a real-time count down till the end of the auction.
  • “Completion Time Tracking”! I lead a gaming guild (people from all over the world) that often gets applications. We are trying to reduce the amount of time it takes from the time a user applies > to the time they get a reply > to the time they get an answer, etc. etc. Timezones based on the user’s “current time” and the officer / admin that inputs they replied, etc throws it all off. Having a standard time eliminates time zone issues!

That’s all I got for user case examples because thats what I was struggling with. But I am sure you could think of a lot more!