Show a calendar according to the user timezone

I searched for this topic but I can’t reproduce it.

I have users from all over the world. I’d like them to see the event calendar in their current time zone, local time.

So I have a USER table / EVENT Table / TIMEZONE Table

TIMEZONE Table: I listed all the timezone and offset + I calculated the difference (D) between my timezone (GMT+1)

USER Table : I have the user Timezone that they have to fill in their profile.

EVENT table : I have the DATE (in GMT+1)

What’s the next step to show the calendar with the correct time zone in their local time?

I know that I have to do a math column between the DATE (GMT+1) and the difference (D) but impossible to do it in EVENT Table because I can’t find the way to find the difference (D) for each user.

Thank you very much for your help

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You should be able to pull in the user timezone into the event sheet from the user sheet using a single value column if you happen to have row owners enabled as well. If you aren’t using row owners in the user sheet, then you should be able to create a template column that will get the user’s email from the user profile, use that template to create a relation to the user sheet, then a lookup column to get the timezone offset. Finally a math column to calculate the difference.

Keep in mind that glide’s calculated columns are calculated on the device, not in the sheet, so the results will be different for each user.


Thank you Jeff but still struggling.

  1. I pulled in the user timezone into the event sheet from the user sheet using a single value column. I have row owners in the user sheet.

So in the event sheet (where each row is an event), you can see the results.
Did I miss something? :cry:

Capture d’écran 2020-12-09 à 13.21.57 Capture d’écran 2020-12-09 à 13.23.22

Can you show how your math column is set up for new date?

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Ah I forgot to add /24

Thank you very much Jeff!!!


Hey Jeff, how would Row Owner help in terms of timezones? I have an app that confuses me when shifts for admins show differently! Would row owners help? Never tried it out tho!

As I understand, row owners don’t directly help for timezones. It is just a security method to let users ownly download rows that “belong” to them.

So the points Jeff suggested, if you don’t want to enable row owners, should go like this:

  • Find a way to have the timezone offset of each user in the user profiles.
  • Create a template with the signed-in user’s email in the Shifts sheet.
  • Create a relation matching that template with the user’s email column in the Profiles sheet.
  • Take back the timezone via a lookup.
  • Use a math column to calculate the specific timezone for each signed in user.