Timer gets refreshed if left on for long

I was trying to create a Timesheet app with the Timer component. However, let’s say I’ve left it on for 30/50 mins and am working on other apps on my phone. When I come back to the glide app, it gets refreshed and the timer resets. Is there a way to make sure that the Timer doesn’t refresh??

Are you signed into the app? Are you using user specific columns?

Yes, am signed into the app. Not using user specific columns. It’s a personal app for myself so didn’t think of using user specific columns.

The timer uses columns to store temporary values for start time and duration (if you pause and restart). Since it operates off of stored values, then I’m not sure why it would ever restart on it’s own. I could see it happening though if you were using user specific columns in an app that you weren’t signed into, since user specific columns aren’t stored in a non-signed in app when it restarts. Since you are not using user specific columns, my only thought would be that the start time and duration columns were cleared from some other process, or you are viewing a different row when you come back to the app.

Can you verify, that when you start the timer via the published app, that the start time column contains a value? If it’s a glide table, do you see that column value updated in the glide data editor? If it’s a google sheet, do you see the column value updated in the google sheet?