Users seeing different data in different devices (No user specific column)

I’ve made an app in which users can play a Survivor for the NFL. In the game users have to choose a different team who they believe won’t loose in each week.

Logically is very important for users to only be able to select only teams who haven’t yet played. They have a time limit for doing this, I called this a timer. The timer is placed in airtable and is a formula which returns 1 if the ‘current time’ is after limit date and 0 if it isn’t (Before I had it in glide with ‘relative time’ column and I had the same problem that i will describe). Games are in another table and related to the timers that correspond to them. Through a lookup the Game receives the 1 form the timer, and through another lookup each Team-Week receives the 1 from the Game.

In the front-end Teams and Games are filtered to only be visible if the column containing the Lookup for the timer is not one. Also users are able to see each other’s pick in the leaderboard only after said selected team receives the 1.

The issue right know is that some users are never getting this 1 and continue to see games that have already past, and can’t see the other users picks. I have logged in with their email in my device and the ap does not have any issues. Also I see the 1 in their user role form the Data editor.

There aren’t any user-specific columns in any of the tables involved and users have been asked to delete and redownload the app as well as their caché, but that hasn’t helped.

Any advice? or possible causes for this issue?


Are all of your users in the same time zone?

For those that have issues, have you looked to try and identify what they might have in common?

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Yes the users are in the same time zone, and we haven’t been able to find anything in common between them (At least not in Glide).

Maybe I don’t know where to keep looking anymore haha. What else could be causing this?

I don’t believe it to be caused by the type of device since users with the issue are using Iphone (Where we have tried the app without any problems).

Is there a way to bring the timer logic into Glide?

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It was originally in glide using a relative time column, but I had the same issue.

Now I’ve also tried having a ‘manual timer’ in which I directly paste a 1 in the team I want to block (in a glide table) and filter the front against this. It still doesn’t work so I believe this is a bug in glide. I’m just waiting for support to help me out.

How did you configure the logic in Glide? Can you go more into how you set it up, maybe with dummy samples of your data?