Afficher uniquement les résultats de l'utilisateur

Bonjour à tous,

Je viens vous demander de l’aide.
Je suis bloqué depuis plusieurs jours sur mon prototype pour un projet étudiant.

L’application fonctionne avec un chronomètre pour simuler le début et la fin d’un cycle, lorsque l’utilisateur lance le chronomètre et l’arrête, les données sont enregistrées dans une table et s’affiche dans le calendrier.

Le problème c’est que les données sont partagés aves tous les utilisateurs.

Je souhaite savoir si il est possible de faire en sorte que le calendrier affiche uniquement les données de l’utilisateur ?

Good morning all,

I am coming to ask you for help.
I have been stuck for several days on my prototype for a student project.

The application works with a stopwatch to simulate the start and end of a cycle, when the user starts and stops the stopwatch, the data is saved in a table and displayed in the calendar.

The problem is that the data is shared with all users.

I want to know if it is possible to make the calendar show only user data?

Data table

Table données

Table utilisateurs


Merci d’avance pour votre aide.

If you have emails in your data, you can either apply Row Owners (more secure) or add a filter to your list to filter by signed in user.

Hello Jeff Hager,


How do I apply row owners?

Is not possible apply row owners :

The column you are showing can’t have row owners for two reasons.

  1. It doesn’t contain an email address.
  2. It’s a glide computed column. Row Owners can only be applied to basic column types.

Thank you for your answers.

Is there a solution to apply “row owners” to a glide computed column?

Hello, the solution should be that when a line is created ALWAYS add your unique field of “User profile colums”

User profile columns - Glide Library

I think and in my opinion which only engages me: D
Exemple (same in your table “Historique sommeil”) :

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I have more details here.

To answer your specific question, no you can’t apply Row Owners to glide computed columns. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other columns. I’m just saying that the column you showed in your screenshot doesn’t make sense to use for row owners. Most importantly because it doesn’t contain any emails. An email tells me who owns a row. A time does not tell me who that row belongs to.

A user specific column might be what you thinking of, but I don’t think that it applies in this case, because it looks like each user has their own row instead of multiple people sharing a single row.