Time to go on a xuberTaxi ride - the all in one multi admin, driver, & passenger app-

Enter any pair of postcodes, street or building names, and see all drivers near you!

  • App current operational zones: London, Birmingham, Sunderland (UK), and New York (USA)
  • App does not allow bookings where distance between pickup and destination exceeds 10 ml.
  • App does not allow bookings where distance between driver and pickup points exceed 5 ml.

For testing purposes pretend you are in USA or UK and use local post/zip codes…like SR2 7AB, SR2 7LW, SR2 7JQ, etc…For New York, USA.

  • Pls skip “use my current location” - only 10 pins allowed on free tier.

Key template features

  • Public app rendered public with email on sign up.
  • Detailed user manual on every single google tab and script used
  • Multi admin, passenger & driver sign up
  • Enter post/zipcode for pickup & destination points to extract addresses (recommended).
  • Enter first line of address or place name for pickup & destination points to extract addresses.
  • Share device location
  • Skip sharing device location
  • Drivers and admins restricted to device location
  • Select nearest taxi to you, pay & go!
  • Mao view of all drivers within passenger proximity by distance
  • Restrict ride services to operational zones (e,g, New York, California, USA, and/or London, Leeds, UK, etc.,), or within a certain radius of driver (e,g., 5 miles within driver current location to pickup point), and/or within 10 ml. between passenger pickup & destination points. App takes care of similar city/town names in multiple countries by restricting a city name to its country of location. For example, the UK city Sunderland is also a town/city/place name in Australia, Canada, & the USA. Glide editor was deployed to take care of this otherwise nightmare scenario. Another scenario that Glide handled very well was of the one often faced when a person tries to select two addresses locally to bypass the distance requirement and successfully select a driver some 240 ml. away…
  • Auto-calculation of distance between pickup and destination points
  • Auto calculation of distance between pickup and driver points
  • Auto calculation of ride fare per mile
  • Auto calculation of driver and admin split
  • Driver distance to base
  • Accept/reject driver partner applications
  • Add/remove new admins and drivers (driver access to app based on admin preapproval)
  • Special lifetime driver and passenger IDs which do not change when a row above or below is deleted: Deployed the editor to achieve this feat by extracting the seconds of the clock, renumbering mobile number values in the editor, and dividing them by 10000000000. Even if two people have same mobile number they can never end up with same unique ID as the seconds are there to ward off any such attempt.
  • Pre-book rides (in-app form, live chat (tawk.to), phone, text)
  • Cash transactions
  • PayPal.me transactions
  • Stripe transaction
  • Pay drivers with Stripe
  • Track total revenue (auto calculated)
  • Track gross earnings (auto calculated)
  • Track total unpaid invoices (auto calculated)
  • Track total paid invoices (auto calculated)
  • Track total ride cancellations (auto calculated)
  • Track total driver pay-out (auto calculated)
  • Track total no. of stripe transactions (auto calculated)
  • Track total no. of cash transactions (auto calculated)
  • Track total no. of PayPal transactions (auto calculated)
  • View drivers by at work or on ride (auto calculated)
  • Driver dashboard - clock in/out of work; view pay & work history; and new rides
  • Passenger dashboard - add as many rides, view new, cancelled and archived rides.
  • Admin dashboard - add new admin/drivers; view all rides and archives; keep tracks of all registered drivers and passengers; view by driver at work and on ride; view pay and work logs; pay drivers in app; view regular business snapshot and make wise business decisions;
  • Testimonials and ratings
  • Sign up progress bar
  • FAQ
  • Instant email notification to passenger, driver and admin of new rides

Hope you like it!

Credits: @Darren_Murphy for his unstinting help and support. He makes scripts look and feel zero code!!



That’s impressive… :tada:

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Thank you @AymenM

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Needs more features :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


@Darren_Murphy :rofl: :rofl:

I took some out!

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Brilliant with consistency. High quality, thank you for the visual exemplarity! WELL DONE :star_struck:

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Does it make coffee?

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Please don’t put ideas in his head, he’ll be asking for a script to do that next :scream:


:joy::joy::joy: I need the coffee script now pls. That’s a cool ideas actually. Can it be done. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Thank you @MarcTaPage

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I get the reply !

One question intrigues me, I would very much like to have your opinion on the subject of the footer menu tabs.

If I don’t say nonsense, without tab navigation you lose the computer display and its left column.

You seem not to use the “FooterMenu” navigation says Tabs from the bottom of the screen. Lots of screen but few MenuFooter …

What is your opinion on the subject :)?

Thank you in advance for your answer and this is really an amateur question for a professional: p I love your work !!!

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No way!

I never saw a rocket looks like a taxi!!

Where did you install its mission control room: Houston as well?? :upside_down_face:

Congrats @Wiz.Wazeer & @Darren_Murphy


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Thank you @gvalero :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Thank you for Q @MarcTaPage

More to do with methodology and individual style, I’d have thought. But sometimes maybe not because today I finished a job where client’s requirement was no footer; everything one one tab (which meant no tab). In fact I was hired specifically for that, would you believe it! Was hard but we got there in the end! I think it’s the new trend, the one page app/website concept. More than 3, and they are complaining. Also, It’s the way I build apps ( I believe), especially the multi user apps, which 99% of my apps are. I like to keep the user on the same tab even though I’m probably using 8 sheet tabs in the background. Imagine having to navigate your way round 8 tabs! Pre-compound action days, I tried my best to restrict myself to a max of 3. Post compound action days, I prefer 2. For this taxi app I limited myself to two only as this app I thought required it if I didn’t want to lose the user midway. So for me it’s how user friendly this or that experience/functionality/tab is. Do I need to send myself to another tab? Would i not get confused or even finger-fatigue at some point?For example, I want a taxi only. Why do I have to go through one taxi (several tabs) to find a taxi? I want to sign up and and find my next ride in a jiffy. Maybe Im in a hurry. I don’t mind the pain of the registration process but I don’t want the same hell repeated on signing up (I’m thinking). So I decided best option was to keep everything, including payment functionality on one tab. They can then view their receipt at own pleasure on account tab. Same goes for driver and admin. So I would say more to do with consumer taste, nature of app, methodology and individual style.

Sorry if this was me rambling away! :blush:


Spectacular!! How can you collect in the sheet the data that a user receives when passing a distance filter? For example, the user is 300 meters away and receives the information of a taxi that is within the range, well, my question is how can I collect that data in a new row so that I can later use it and send a zap of sms or email using zapier, is it possible to collect this data? And well, spectacular your app, note on the sidelines what program do you use to make these presentation videos of your app? Greetings

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Here is a snapshot @MarcTaPage of the passenger tab. If you notice carefully there is no footer on this tab. The public page which you see when not a signed in user is actually on the fly out. The passenger does everything on this one tab. image

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Thank you @Camilo_roca

The video - renderforest
The images - Microsoft PowerPoint ( but only because I’m lazy. Better ones out there. Some good threads on these in the forum.

The distance. It’s all recorded to the sheet, and then emailed to passenger, driver and admin. You can see same on your dashboard under receipt.

Coordinates as well as physical address recorded to sheet. Then Glide is used to carry out the distance calculations. These are then passed to a a sheet. There are 3-4 filters. I have a detailed user manual for this. Covers A-Z. The filters are used to filter the distance by mikes/km.


Thank you very much for your clarification and it is great I congratulate you!

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