TAXIS NEAR ME – is a multiple passenger & driver taxi template - powered by Glide without using a single SCRIPT!

Okay – for Americans I have added the coordinates for a driver location ( Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77072, USA – so if you sign up, make sure you are either within 7 mile of this location to get picked up or outside it to get rejected. For Londoners, use any address within W1.

Key Template Features

  • Shows all driver distance to taxi base
  • Shows all driver distance from passenger pick-up point
  • Shows distance from pick-up to destination points
  • Auto calculates based on pre-populated input journey fare by mile (distance)
  • Live map view of driver to passenger pick-up point
  • Live view of pick-up to destination points.
  • Live view of all drivers within the Passenger’s pick-up point (the template is based on a 7 mile pick-up radius from passenger. So if P in New York, any driver within the 7 mile radius will show under driver search, and the same goes for any P in Seattle or some other city).
  • Driver/Taxi owner (Admin) split by job. The template assumes a (Admin) 20/80 (Driver) split, which is automatically worked out and assigned.
  • Passengers are not identified by name but PID wrapped in QR codes.
  • Drivers are assigned special DIDs which are also wrapped in QR codes.
  • Final job order wraps the pick-up point, drop off point, PID & DID inside a QR code, to prevent ID & job fraud (so to speak), and, more importantly, when the QR code is scanned, on arrival by the driver to pick-up point, it instantly takes the driver to Google maps, and shows the time distance between both locations.

Passenger: How it works

  • Onboarding experience (with a little twist)
  • P signs up and while doing so will enter pick-point (address + post code). I have not used “use my current location” for P, because it would have required a script to fetch the address from coordinates, which I did not want. However, if you want to replace address with “use my current location” I have another template that demonstrates how to do it for passengers; just wanted to avoid that lag!
  • P enters destination address (again, address + post code)
  • Passengers are taken to the Home Page, where they have a live view of pick-up & destination addresses, distance in miles, and journey fare based on miles; all calculated before they reach the home page.
  • If they are happy to proceed, on the same tab they will search for nearest drivers, and all drivers within the 7 mile pick up radius will appear on the screen with name, car image, and exact distance to P. P will select the driver, pay & track driver on map!
  • The information on the tab is not cleared, but for good reason in case they want another ride from and to same points, but once P is picked up, a message appears asking P to book a new journey. On the same tab I have wrapped settings inside several increment buttons, which when opened allows P to update their pick-up and destination points. When both info are typed in, the new mile and journey fare replaces the old. So everything is streamlined.

Driver: How it works & Single value column

  • Admin adds drivers.
  • Driver tab visible only to drivers.
  • Driver is assigned “use my current location” – Because so many drivers and passengers it was never going to be possible to use a single value column.
  • First time Driver uses current location, they are asked to confirm activation. This then gets them onto the list of all drivers by distance to passenger on the “passengers tab”.
  • When driver is on a job, the system displays a message to that effect. This helps P to select next nearest driver.
  • Drop off is within a 10 mile radius from pickup point. Admin can increase that to whatever they please.
  • Driver has own view of new jobs, including their Split!

Admin: How it works

  • Admin adds drivers & other Admins.
  • Admin tab visible to Admin only.
  • I used a single value column to show distance of all drivers from Admin.
  • Has own view of new jobs, archived jobs, payments received, and SPLIT.
  • Only Admin can delete receipts.

Payment: How it works

  • Cash; or
  • Stripe: Once Stripe payment is selected, I make sure the owner is able to identify who the purchaser is regardless of whose account is used to pay for the journey. The Email and Name is important to some Gliders, and I have made sure, Admin knows exactly who the transaction was by or for. I use the Passenger PID as item SKU. This works for this type of business.
  • Once payment is made, passenger & driver get QR codes with receipt and pick-up information (see above under Key Features).

Scripts: How they work

  • NOT A SINGLE SCRIPT USED – Pure Glide magic!
  • Everything takes place in-app, including notifications.

Use Case

  • Multiple driver taxi business on the scale of Uber Hire.
  • As with all my templates, lots of information but you can keep what you like and discard what you don’t.

Thank you!

Multiple Passenger & Driver Uber Hire 1|690x396



Wao, these friends of mine rockets builders still create great APPs… congratulations @Wiz.Wazeer!

Tell me please how do you sell your APP :

  • Do you sell the template, maybe $49,99? … you know what I think about it :smiley:
  • Sell one-time perpetual license?
  • Sell the APP as a service with a monthly fee?
  • Sell the APP as a service with a fee based on number of users?

I have a friend with a crazy idea but associated to trucks and goods and I think we can use your APP with some modifications to get it.

Let me know your answer please.

Saludos y feliz día!

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Thank you :blush: @gvalero. :pray::rocket:

The ones I want to sell I just sell via the template store (and soon via proper glide app site on the scale of app/google store…just getting finishing touches done. C19 delaying things a little):

  1. This particular one I have submitted to the template store for 49$. I am just praying @david is not going to reject it because the text to speech in my videos leave him in tears, not the templates. But this video I think has potential.

  2. Let’s wait a couple of days and then you can purchase it directly from template store and it’s yours for life. And I am always available. If you don’t have Stripe, I have PayPal. I can speak to Glide and I am sure they won’t say no.

  3. I have plans for this app with my own user specific modifications. This is a general purpose one. Just don’t know where to start. Based on number of users or perpetual license or just find an investor in the taxi industry to take it and operate it. But we will get there.

Thank you :blush:


@Wiz.Wazeer I know from our video calls that you have a very nice human voice with a lot of charm—use it!


Thank you! Im all red now!

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Nice work!


Thank you!

@gvalero, I just received an email from support team. Template has been approved and will be available for purchase shortly!

Thank you team Glide and @david!

Coming soon to a glideapp store near you

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