Personal Driver - One-driver Uber Clone in glide 🚖

Personal Driver :oncoming_taxi:

Hello people :wave:

That’s how I cloned one-driver Uber with 5 rows in google sheets!


Here you can see the app ready to use for my client.

This project I received last week and accpected as a challange for myself in glide.

Some people saw what I did when was announced Tab visibility from @JackVaughan working with some Onbording flows.

I could say this is the highest level of tab visibility I’ve ever tried and burned my mind to get into in a week or less :crazy_face:

:bust_in_silhouette: Passenger view

  1. Onboarding screens

    • Name
    • Profile Pic (No-Pic option)
    • Phone Number
    • Home Address

  1. Passenger chooses his destination, requests a new ride and the app calculates the route.

:oncoming_taxi: Single Driver Panel

  • Pop-up of New Ride with all needed informations
  • Profile and edit personal informations
  • Edit ride fares
  • See All Rides
  • Management reports

Some App Flow :iphone:

Arriving at the destination, the driver finishes the race, confirms the information and assesses the passenger.
The passenger assesses the driver, and the screens return to the beginning.

Another Feature - Schedule Ride :date:

Once the app has only 1 driver, I had to create a schedule screen while the driver is in a ride yet, sending the message to driver whatsapp.


Nicely done!!

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Great work :+1:



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:grinning:just put waters all over mine! I was doing the same! But really good work! I

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Lol Really? If we agreed to something like this, it wouldn’t work! :rofl:

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In fact, I discussed it with some1 important only a couple of days ago, and gave some hints the other day in a thread related to distance. I will not bother with it now. Next project…no point trying repeat the same! I think the only thing I did different was to show price, distance from driver to pick up point and from pick up point to destination on same tab as well both driver and passenger location on map. But, it’s in the past now. I prefer yours! :grinning:

Great work!

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Taking advantage of that I posted this, @Mark @Jason the ping pong effect with user-specific is really pissing me off.

I’ve been using a bunch of increment with user-specifc to improve the UX/UI in the app but… it’s still there!


Thanks bro! Actually that’s a first step to get further

Thanks anyway :grinning:

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Ah I get it now…your’s is a “single” driver Uber clone not “multiple”?

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Not yet actually. My client is already planning to add more drivers in a near future. For this I’ll have to do an update to include more and the passengers be able to request for more… but no problem :yum:

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Till there I hope glide has some new features to help it even more

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@Lucas_Pires Congratulations, very good performance! :clap: :clap: :clap:


As always, very slick.


:joy: that gives me reason to showcase mine as mine is multiple drivers and in many ways different as well! Thanks for the lifeline :joy:

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Never mind :joy:

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But love yours :rocket::joy::rose::rose:

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Love the UX. Very clean and straightforward. Your work with Rich text is the best I have seen. You should do a thread on those tricks.


Really impressive! Thanks to Glide everyone can build apps, but only a few can build stuff like this!

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Oh wow you must be the rich text god, this looks amazing! Is there any tutorial in how you do this cool Designs?