Wiz'z spin on uber eats - xuber eats - the clone

Hello Gliders! Here is a preview of XuberEats (80% Uber Eats Clone). For this I made use of markdown to simply the whole look and feel (no html). This is not a finished theme yet. Adding a few final touches with email notification, the new user profile and location additions.

This is a multiple restaurant, customer, and driver sign up app. Drivers select jobs they like.
There are 4 businesses. Jeff owns 1, Gvalero owns 1, Robert Petitto owns 1, and Thinh Dinh owns 1.

Please sign up as customer to see how it all works, and then as driver (make sure you have uber eats website open too!).

I know I am not a fan at all of formulae/scripts but to get the orders on a single row, I had no choice but to run a script, with help of my partner in crime (ThinH).

For me this app is a statement on the power of Glide and its editor, as well as on how you can use markdown to achieve pretty much the same stuff we are often trying to achieve with HTML.

Hope you like the preview. Remember, if you dont create accounts, you will not see anything except ++++ on your orders!


Thanks for the restaurant you gave me, I like this kind of thing free! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tomorrow I will open it and let you know my opinion.

Feliz día Wiz, te cuidas.


Not gonna lie I didn’t notice that at first, opened it and see some thing like Robert’s burger and Petitto something, I was so confused.

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Ha! This is awesome! …though I should probably mention that I’m vegan :rofl:



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: We have vegan menu as well bur not from your place. So spend some money at Jeffs!


It would be hilarious now if Jeff joins the convo and says he eats burgers all day.


:rofl: :rofl: I am in trouble!

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I actually forgot to mention Mannan also owns a restaurant!


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@Wiz.Wazeer: This is excellent! I signed up even though your app is not GDPR compliant :wink:

Just a quick suggestion: I would make the TAG on the photo the category, i.e. main, starter etc, and use the TITLE for the name of the dish.


Thanks, taken on board !! GDPR🤣. By the way the Glide community is also not GDPR compliant😂

@Wiz.Wazeer Hi, one question: I suppose you use map layout on the first screen - how did you manage to add all components/info before the map? When I choose map layout I don’t see the possibility to add anything as you did. If it’s map component that you use - how do you achieve functionality that map layout gives and not map component?

Tx Swellart,

Right, use an inline list of all addresses on a details screen and then choose map view.

So simple😀 Thank you Wiz.Wazeer!

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Garrison I’m looking to apply the recommendation you made. Which section do you have on mind? Because I have four search categories by pickup only, delivery only, ethnic cuisine, and the category you suggested. Are you suggesting that I apply this to all categories?

On a side note, you want Uber eats to Sue me don’t you :crazy_face:.

@Wiz.Wazeer: I mean on the ‘product’ cards in the Xuber Eats main tab, i.e. Prawn Bhuna, Onion Bhaji etc. I think the category, i.e. Appetizer, Main etc would look better as TAGS, because when you have long product names they get cut off as tags, e.g. Prawn Bhuna On Puri

Don’t worry about Uber Eats suing you; I might sue you for making me submit my personal data without actively seeking my consent :wink:

:joy: :rofl: :rofl: Okay, got it!

I’d love to know how you did this, would you be willing to share or sell your template?

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I’ll have to admit that that I was camping last weekend when this convo started and I was most likely grilling hamburgers at the time.