Time to go on a xuberTaxi ride - the all in one multi admin, driver, & passenger app-

“specifically hired to make the tabs disappear” you filled me of giggles with this sentence because mission impossible completed :clap: and the idea of ​​the lord of the rings with 1 ring, I really like :slight_smile: "So I decided that the best option was to keep everything … on one tab " :ring: :face_with_monocle: interesting

:brain::gear: Thank you because it brings to reflect on the word “purified style”

I have another question that your example reminds me of :slight_smile: Why you don’t have a tab if the user is not logged in is because Glide forces you to go through the read protected user sheet?

If I don’t say stupid things, it’s almost impossible (because I really tried to flip the story all over the place) to create actions on the footer menu without the user being logged in, or else that obliges not to protect or even reveal the list of users?
(my english “gtraduction” is bad forgive)

puzzle for me :

thank you mentor for your answers

currently I use method B BUT sometimes the relation made in the action of “set columns” breaks or disappears without explanation: //


so I say to myself, I’m wrong and I not apply the right method :// and I dare to ask the question which is starting to tire me a little because sometimes a lot of menu breaks has to be put back in place: //

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:rocket::rocket: your building a rocket too ! Let me get back to you on the specifics of your query. And no mentor. Your probably better than me. I’ve just popped out. But promise will get back.

For the purposes of development and discovery of Glide, all ideas, tests, exercises are made in the same glide (huge and heavy) then forced to create an internal pagination (store) to simulate that when one application is chosen the others disappears (a kind of store apps, idea inspired via the Glide community thank you) … but I have a problem from time to time all that …

thank you for your answers and again bravo for your interface that looks at it before going to bed to dream of her lol !!
PS: you must have a lot of “sick” table columns with all your buttons !! (no?)

[quote=“MarcTaPage, post:21, topic:24705”]
have another question that your example reminds me of :slight smile: Why you don’t have a tab if the user is not logged in is because Glide forces you to go through the read protected user sheet?

No. In fact, the contrary is true. On boarding comes with its own tricks in a public rendered public with Email app. Knowing exactly where the sign up and home tabs to place in the tab hierarchy is a crucial part of the onboarding process. You must never place the sign up tab at the top. It should always be at the bottom or somewhere in the middle depending on how many groups you are onboarding (customer, restaurant, driver etc). The main home/profile tab for each group should always be on top of the sign up tab. Why?
If the sign up tab is to the left and the home tab to the right, glide default position is always left, but it’s not the left you and I are thinking of. It’s the position of the tabs in the tab hierarchy. On the top of the hierarchy is LEFT and anything next down below in the hierarchy is RIGHT. I don’t know if Glide has any documentation on this but take it from me to be the case (unless something has changed in the last 5 minutes).

To cut a long story short, in a public rendered public with email app, always better to place the public tab with a sign in button on the flyout (that would be the top tab under secondary Tabs, the “Menu” below the primary Tabs).

Sorry, I don’t follow.

You are not alone. This happens when you add a new col., on the sheet or switch col., places on the sheet you are setting. Also happens when you duplicate the component. It only seems to happen when setting a col., or adding a row. I don’t know if Glide is aware of this bug. Until then, just create and save your actions in that cosy environment.

Please pm me. I need to take a look at this. If you are willing to share your app link I would happily look into it. The google translation is bad not your English. I am sorry but hard for me to follow because its like my English (lol).

Hi @Wiz.Wazeer - your work has inspired me to embed tawk.to in my app. BUT I am having a problem getting the open webview to work on iPhones. It works in the Glide dev UX… it works with Android… but it does not work on iPhones.

I tried Open Link and that works, but it is not that nice in terms of user experience.

Is there some trick? Thanks! M

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