Time Base Exam/Quiz

Hi Gliders,

I need some advice and guidance or if achievable this using glide.
Exam form with time limit.
I use the custom action (attached screenshot) - with Wait command, but the wait notification is still showing even after I close the Overlay. Attached video.

What I want to achieve is to close the the overlay once the time limit expires (this is happening) however the Wait notification still on screen even after I close the overlay exam window., upon reevaluating the custom action, I realize that the custom action should have an If conditional before the “wait” action.

Timed exam ss

Firstly, seems like your video isn’t playing, at least on my end.

The wait notification shows regardless of you closing the overlay or not, it’s not programmed to not show when you leave the window where the action was initiated.

I’m not sure what the “add row” action does here and why you need a set column action right after that.

Hi Thinh,

Yeah, thanks for confirmation that wait is not design that way. The add row is to let me add record if I will use command new screen (I use this instead of new form screen as the close command only with new screen action), if not it will just overwrite the current record, the set column value is to set my condional row.
Do you know if this is achievable? Now searching if there is a loop function within glide.

I’m trying to explore another possible solution to a time quiz/exam. Can you guide me how to Add time (like 10 mins) to date/time (start time)
I’m thinking to have a start time then add the target time as the mark to close the overlay screen. Hopefully it will work.

To add 10 minutes to a date time, use this in a math column.



It’s easy enough, as Jeff stated above, to calculate the 10-minute mark, but I don’t believe you would be able to close the form with that approach.

I believe you can use what we call a “custom form”, set a timestamp value on entry to the form, calculate the “10-minute mark” as stated above, then don’t allow submitting when the current time is after that mark.


Thank you so much Jeff, Im not aware with the math functions. Do we have a list or something a referrence so I can just check it myself next time. I dont find it in the documentation.

Appreciate it.

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I manage to accomplish what I wanted though it is just a workaround. I just hide the questionnaire container once it hit the target time and then the user can submit it.
At this moment it look like I cannot automatically close an overlay or form base on a target time.

Thank you so much for helping new gliders.

This is the documentation for the math column. It contains most of the mathematical functions that you can perform.

As for date math…by default Glide handles calculations in days. So in the case of adding minutes, you need to figure out how many minutes are in a day. There are 24 hours in a day, and 60 minutes in an hour, so 24*60 is 1440 minutes in a day. 10 minutes divided by the total number of minutes in a day gives you 0.0069444, which the the fractional equivalent of 10 minutes in 1 day. That’s the number we are adding to the date to give you 10 minutes in the future.


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