Dropdown value disappears for 3 seconds


I am also in contact with Glide Support about this, but as it is taking longer now, I am looking for ideas for workarounds.

I have an app with a custom form. The custom form has a few dropdowns and other fields to fill in. When pressing the button to open the custom form, a new row is added, and a new screen is opened for that newly created row. However, when you fill in any custom form field in the first 3 seconds after opening it, your entry disappears for 3 seconds and then returns.

Glide Support is still looking into it, but as this project is urgent, I am looking for a workaround. Is there for example, any way to delay the appearance of the new screen? Because if you start entering data after 3 seconds, then everything works fine. So if I can delay the input, that would be amazing

That’s an odd way of implementing a custom form.
Normally with a custom form the new row is added when the user submits, rather than when the form is opened. What happens if the user decides to cancel? Do you then have to delete the row that was just added? Is there a specific reason why you’ve chosen to implement it in this way? Seems to me like it’s just creating extra work.

What you could do is set a date/time column a few seconds in the future, and then hide your input components until the current time exceeds that timestamp. Glide only updates the time every 10 seconds, so the delay could be anything up to that amount. But again, I question your implementation of the custom form. If you used a standard implementation, then this would be a non-issue.


Hi @Darren_Murphy ! Thanks for your reply, I will try that method, I hope it works.

I usually don’t use custom forms in this way, but in this case, I didn’t have any other option (I think). The custom form has an image upload field. After uploading the image, you press a button, and it sends the image to an API that extracts a code from the image. It then pushed that code back to Glide via the Glide API.

However, the Glide API only works with regular fields, not user-specified columns. As multiple users can use the form simultaneously, the Glide API can’t push it to a normal field to an already existing row. That’s why I first create a row, open up the screen for that row, and upon submission, it fills in the value in that row.

ah, I see. I figured there was probably a curve ball in there somewhere :slight_smile:

How do you send the image - via a webhook?
I presume you’re also sending the RowID for the added row, so you know which row to update via the API, yes?

Have you tried using a native form, and then using an On Submit action to send the image URL and generated RowID? I just did a quick test using this method (webhook to Make), and the correct RowID does come through. I’m not sure how reliable that would be, though. It’s not hard to imagine that sometimes the webhook might trigger before the RowID is generated, resulting in a null RowID. Probably worth testing though, if you haven’t already?

Thanks for the solution. I went with a custom form because the value extracted from the image needs to be unique and show an error message when that value already exists in a row.

Yes, I use a webhook to Make, there it does the call to two different endpoints to get the value from the image and lookup some details. Depending on the result, it returns the value, or it returns another value which will pop up an error message in Glide with the Hint component

Your solution with the date/time works :slight_smile: Thanks a lot

I hope Glide fixes the issue with the disappearing value so customers won’t have to wait 5 seconds before they can fill in the form

Would you be able to do that call from a fetch URL column?

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