Need a way to Auto-Delete Cell Data after a timed period or let it expire

Is it possible to set up a timed countdown in a way that data entered into a specific cell will be automatically expired or deleted once the countdown reaches a certain time limit, such as 30 seconds?

I just want Cell data deleted and not the row or column. This is for a custom form and one of my goals is to have the form time-out and reset if the user doesn’t submit all the completed text boxes within 30 seconds.

You can set the time before opening the form… and after submit action… clear value if the time is greater than the set time plus timeout value

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Uzo thanks for responding. How do you check the current time against the maximum allowable time when there’s no such conditional check in the action dialogs. Is there a way to create a “current time” column that continuously updates ? Haven’t seen that ability.

Yes, use the math column. Enter the word now… and replace it with Now value… it will update every 10 seconds.

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Thanks ! Also I just discovered a condition configuration in the action dialog


Could you share what your math condition is for the Page Time Out?

See above, I was referring to the red circled condition in my screen shot: “page time out is before now”