Hello! I hope you are super well, I come here to see if what I have in mind can be done, look at I have a list where the user writes down data, so I want that list to have a limit of information entry, for example 5 minutes before the user does not I let you write down more information

Eg In the first photo you can see the schedule
In the second photo you can see the current time of my country so that is to say that time has passed so I do not want people to be seen I do not know if I explain myself, what I want is when it is 5 minutes before the time so no can edit the person more Is that possible here in glide


it occurs to me to play with this plugin and condition the edit

Ohh it might be a good solution but how would I implement it to my glide? with experimental code?

Yes in experimental column. the steps go!

1.- Copy the link of the plugin and paste it in that column
2.- In Data, select the column where you have the initial date registered
3.- In Now, you select a mathematical column showing the now
4.- In style, you write round

and ready

you only create an if with the condition you want

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Create a math column and minus 5 minutes from the starting time, let’s call it “Locked time”. The formula will be something like:

S - 5/60/24

Then don’t allow editing when “Locked time” is on or after now.

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Apply the formula you told me but I don’t understand what those 663 are due to. Are they minutes?

What type of data do you have for the starting time?

It is that for example I will show you what it is like when it is 7:25 pm so that I no longer let it edit, then that is daily but what I want to achieve now is that 5 minutes before that time it does not allow it to edit the spreadsheet this in colombian time then, would you be taking the colombian timetables?


So are all the times you have in the same timezone? Do you have the date attached with each starting and ending time or do you only have the time only?

Exactly I have each date attached with the final start time something like this looks in google sheet

Then when it is 5 minutes before the start time that the user cannot edit the list that I have that is for editing

Can you show me how you’re setting your data up in Glide Tables? I assume you already did the math column as I said via your screenshot?

If you have the right data type for starting time, which has both date & time, then I believe it will work.

Of course I did the steps as indicated


But your Inicio column is time only, and is in text?

Do you have a column that contains both the date & time? That’s what I was asking for.

Oh I had not understood what you mean but of course there is a part of the date, start, finish but it appears in text because when I put the date and only the time it is as if the function did not work


Is there a reason you don’t store them together but dividing them into date only and time only, in Google Sheet columns?

That is separated more than anything by order but what do you recommend that this all together?

What do you mean “by order”? Like how are you inputting the data in there? I would suggest keeping them together because later on you can use Glide’s computed columns to display just parts of it for displaying purposes.

Wow entiendo pero en este momento puedo hacerlo como usteded me dice para limitar esa edicion 5 minutos antes de la hora?