Ticketing system

I currently use a simple customer service ticketing system, but I am interested in knowing if Glide can take over. I currently have 2 emails; one for b2c (customers writing me) and one for b2b (partners writing me). The system also allows me to insert a chat function on my website, that in turn can be answered as a live chat in the system or as a ticket in the system. Customers or partners dont need to view my portfolio or anything, as I am service company and they have access to a portal we have build for them. I only need to be able to answer emails and chats.

Can I build such in Glide? Is there any templates or examples of such?

So do you want to not use the email method anymore, and centralize everything to the Glide app?

If so, you can have an app to allow people to open new chats. They might not need to log in, and you as an admin can have yourself a tab to read all created chats and reply to them using the Chat component.

Same for tickets, you can allow them to create tickets and upload an image/a file, and reply to that ticket with a Chat component.

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Thank you very much for your reply!

I would like to make Glide my tool for receiving and answering emails and chats, if possible. From what you write, it sounds like this is possible. Can you help me share some examples in the templates that will showcase this? I have tried to reach out to the sales division, but I am awaiting to hear from them.


Sorry, Iā€™m not too familiar with the templates store. If you want to build it from scratch, people in the community are willing to help when you have any questions to ask.

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Thank you!