The speed of the application

Greetings to all forum members!
I was developing an application and at a certain stage it started working very slowly.
I read something in this forum about the speed of Gide and I decided to rewrite my application again, getting rid of google sheet. Therefore, I wrote an application for testing that imports data from the gs table into the Glide table.
I got unexpected results:

  • in my very small application, there is only one column and several rows in the table, but when I delete a row, I see a waiting indicator, and for quite a long time, it’s very sad;
  • actions in the actions tab are not performed in the order in which they are displayed on the action diagram;
  • I have not found in Glide, a built-in way to create a loop to import 400 rows into a table.

The most frustrating thing is the speed of deleting and adding rows.
[slow row deleting, and actions order]

Can you record a video of this?

I don’t know how it works behind the scenes, but many users have reported this as well. However it’s not exactly that they are not performed in your desired order. I think this is the case.

There’s no native way to do that as of now. A workaround is presented below.

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Thank You ThinhDinh!
Yes, I know about the existence of RPA, but in Glide, it would be great to have a built-in way to import a significant amount of data into Glide tables, then many developers would abandon gs in their Glide applications. It’s just a wish.
About the order of action order - according to the diagram in the actions tab, the number should be increased first, and then, the record. But in any order of actions, the recording takes place first and then the number is increased.
And the next action is performed regardless of whether the previous one has completed.
Video added…
Please try pressing Add preset row and deleting elements. Do you also see this waiting indicator?

Well yeah, it’s a wish of many, we don’t have control over it though :wink:

From the video, it looks like you’re having trouble with combining the increment and the add row action? Are you parsing those from an external source using Experimental Code column? That can be the source of the problem.

Yes Im parsing those from an external source using Experimental Code column.
But what problem do you have in mind?
The data is already in the table and I just delete it from the local Glide table and get a waiting indicator, while I do not make external requests or increase the number, I just delete it from the Glide table, using the built-in form.

Yes, when you click the Add parsed button, perhaps the application is waiting for parsing, but when deleting from the Glide table, why does the same thing happen?

Deleting is a completely different problem, it’s a known problem that has been reported many times. You may have to use a button with a delete action multiple times to get the row to actually be deleted. It has not been fixed.

Regarding the add row action, I have faced problems with adding a row with info taken from experimental columns before. As you said, perhaps the application is waiting for parsing.

Maybe Glide is still a beta version with a bunch of bugs? Perhaps there is a stable version for Production?

What you’re using is production. That delete problem does not take away the brilliance of this platform, but well, it needs to be fixed.

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Of course, this is a great platform! And I was amazed, at the first time I met her, how everything was thought out, logical, how competently the functionality was selected and how perfectly everything works. But in the process of using it, more and more errors appear. Not only the removal, many others also. Admittedly, the speed of bug fixes is also amazing - very fast!
You could put up with a lot of bugs, but only when you know it’s a bug. And when you just get acquainted with this platform and something doesn’t work, then you can’t understand, maybe you’re doing something wrong or is it a bug? That’s why I asked, is there perhaps a stable branch of the application? This forum, of course, helps out a lot in this! Aseparate, big thank you to everyone who gives us their time! I really appreciate the efforts that are being made to develop the platform!
I am sure, this diamond will continue to delight us with its brilliance.
I’m sorry for my English!

If you are using Glide then you are using the production version and thus the most stable version they have.

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