Action sequencing - blocking or non-blocking?

I think this may be a question for @david or @Mark

With a compound action containing a series of discrete actions, my expectation is:

a) The actions will fire sequentially (this appears to be true :white_check_mark:)
b) Each action will wait until the previous action has finished before firing (this appears to not be true :x:)

Are you able to clarify what the expected behaviour should be?
And is it the same for all actions? (I can image some scenarios where blocking behaviour may not make sense)

I’ve been seeing some weird behaviour where actions appear to be tripping over each other or getting into race conditions. Most noticeably with Set Columns -> Clear Values on input components. Quite often I’ll see that the component values are initially cleared, then I’ll see the next action fire, and then the component values are re-populated and cleared a second time. When this behaviour is combined with increment actions that affect component visibility, it plays havoc with the user experience.


Agreed. An explanation of the expected behaviour would be super useful.

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And the ability to configure when actions fire off. I.e. At the same time, after each other, in reverse order, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: etc.