New: Wait For Condtion

Wait for condition action

Anyone can can explain use cases?

I tried and it stops running actions sequence(in custom actions) until described seconds.

A common use case would be when you have an action that will produce a value, and you want to use that value in another action in the same sequence. Inserting the wait for condition action in between allows time for the first action to complete, so the second action has the value it needs.

In a case like this, the target column might start off empty, and so the wait for condition would be “until column is not empty”.


I like the reuse value

And of course, already we have another action is wait with condition which we can use as Darren write above.

Wait will just purely wait like sleep(), wait for condition is more advanced. But if you need to display a nice loading message and don’t need to actually check against conditions then wait will do.


How about creating limited time codes that auto delete if not used :wink:

Good idea….not sure it’s possible with the wait for condition because of the condition isn’t met then the rest of the action sequence halts.

What you could do is have a message appears that says tap for code, which generates a new code and opens up a new screen with the code. But if the button is never pressed, then the code is never generated and simply times out.

If ever, Glide has branching logic, then this will be possible.

Couldn’t you “wait“ for 24 hours before deleting a row IF a relation is empty?

Oh I see.

  1. Create code (new row)
  2. Display code
  3. If user uses code —> delete row
  4. Wait (not wait for condition)
  5. Delete row

This? The real test would be if the action remembers to delete it. If the wait is some thing really lengthy, and the user has already navigated away from the app or even closed it.

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Trying to grasp the best uses for this new action… and it seems like the perfect action to use in your membership app example where it forces the user to wait until the membership relation is made before they can progress…


Has Mark said anything about how long that action can wait though? 24 hours is a lot.

The waiting does not persist in the background. If the user closes the app then the action stops running.

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@Mark What if they switch tabs or navigate away from the screen?

The action keeps running in that case.

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