Change in how Action sequences run

I migrated my app from Classic to Apps. Doing the final test before some demos and I discovered a change in how action sequences work. This sequence used to worked fine - now it doesn’t.

I have an action sequence that does a handful of set-col-cals / add rows.

One set-col-val is for a row that might not exist (sometimes it exists…sometimes it doesn’t depending on where this operation started).

The sequence used to ignore this failure and continue processing - now it aborts without finishing the flow.

I never quite knew how AS flowed (timing, handling of errors, etc.) but I do know this used to work and now it doesn’t. It seems now that if any one action fails in the Action sequence it aborts the rest of the sequence.

Any insights from the experts?

As far as I’m aware, it’s always worked this way :man_shrugging:

So I’m a bit surprised to see you say that it worked as you described in Classic Apps. Maybe I’m wrong…

In the not-too-distant future, I expect we might have a nice elegant way to handle this, but in the meantime you might need to create two conditional branches - one with the set column values and one without.


Behavior changed - that’s all I got.

And yes - the benefit of new Glide is I can use the Action library to easily duplicate, change and load the alternative method. The good news is I know when the sequence occurs so I can create and deploy the altered path.

Just a comment on Classic v Apps.

In Classic if I needed to make this change I would have to find the places were I used this sequence by scouring the app and update each one by hand. And hope I didn’t miss one (this sequence is used in a handful of different places)

With Apps I went to the Action library, duplicated sequence, changed its name and modified the sequence, then use ‘find use’ to replace incorrect sequences and boom - done.


I have been on Classic since the very first days and I think it always worked that way.

Hmmmm…I think it is similar to what @Jeff_Hager noted in his Hard Stops missive (e.g. Glide stops processing a sequence, which it didn’t do in Classic). My Hard Stops and Annoyances

In any case - found a work around/fix.


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