The most complex app I have built with Glide, Pluhg!

Been working on a big project with a great concept for a client. @pluhg is a platform which allows you to:

  1. Request people for a trustworthy connection recommendation.
  2. Recommend a connection between 2 people and get payed for it when they accept it.
    The website here encapsulates the idea of Pluhg.

Check out the app here:

laying_screen_1 (1) (1) (2) (4)

This includes a lot of the newest features of Glide such as the tab visibility, ratings, “this screen” visibility and many more; and it’s an attempt to make complex apps like this without coding. Also there’s some Cloudinary magic (s/o to @ThinhDinh for helping out there) also involved some areas.

I am looking for some people to test out the app and give me genuine feedback about the app and the concept both. Also as a bonus we have added $5 Pluhg Credits to all our Beta testing members. You could use these credits to accept connections.

Looking forward to hearing from the community!


Already downloaded. Will checkout later. Looking good I can tell a lot of effort has gone into this. One immediate Q. Connect with people without sharing their information slogan and asking for date of birth etc ? Am I missing something ?

The personal contact details of everybody will always be hidden from other users. It’s captured in the app to send text notifications.
The other personal details such as DOB, address etc. depend upon the user if they want to let other users see those details or not. They can toggle to show or hide it after creating their profile.

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Thank you. Perfect app I have to say ! Not a wasted effort. Like the use of the increment button to create the next/previous page and the little dots. Once I’ve fully checked it out, will get back to you. :rocket:


Thanks! Gonna be waiting for a detailed feedback

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Very cool app Manan, glad to see the thing we worked on look so beautiful when applied into this. I don’t have any further recommendations about the flow, probably only thing I would change is to bring that text notifcations choice into the sign up process to reduce one tab, if possible.


Congrats @Manan_Mehta That’s a great job, and really impressive app! Awesome


A message from the Founder:


@Manan_Mehta, Great concept and app. I’m just seeing this today but if you still need testers, I’d be happy to do so. Let me know!

The app is live. Would love it if you could test it out and give me feedback!
Also if you do need any recommendations, throw in your requests on the app!


Nice App… I just registered and super clean design i can say.
Just to point out Create Profile section has some glitch. I had to fill all the details to complete process but not all field’s are required. Probably just have a text at the bottom noting all field’s are mandatory if so.

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Great feedback! Will take care of this.

One more thing in profile creation, is that you can enter the birth year of any year, including 2020 - so if you have 18+ required etc, this is usually the place you catch that user is of age.

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Got some fame! We got published on Medium’s Innovation page!



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