Swipe App for Networking (under development)

App: vork.me

Hi! Thanks first for the help I have received so far, both directly in responses to my posted problems, and indirectly through all the various postings in this community. I am very grateful - it makes Gliding a much less lonely and dramatically more productive process!

Next the app I have is a mostly working prototype. It is designed for networks and associations (think alumni associations, or professional associations). The idea is that is you are in a network you are curious about the people in the network, willing to share your projects and problems, and willing to invest time to help out others.

The app is work in progress. The Chats area worked (using @Robert_Petitto 's template) until the Comments stopped working (screen jumps to log in again… can’t fix it).
I have cards to swipe… which is fun. Depending on the cards, you might get asked for more info, etc.
You can join networks (but not all the functionality I have planned is in yet).

I made an intro video to help Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

And the final thing is that I would love to get a Glide expert to do a code walk-through with me, the Glide and the GSheet part, to see what I am missing, to fix my mistakes, and suggest things to improve.

In the meantime, thanks once again to the community - and to @david and the Glide team. Great stuff :angel: :clap:


I know I have structured it wrong in places. I make rel columns… and then they are not visible to me when I want to select them in components, visibility, etc. So I work around things and have them sort of work… but them they break and I get stuck! Oh well…

Very impressive, nice job! :+1:

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There is lots of hidden logic too.

There are several card types (Ask, Offer, Project… then Game, Video, Quiz, even Dating)
Each card type has a left and right swipe possibility.
And the right swipe often has a follow up Form (and I collect the swipe + the extra data in the single row of the ‘Swipe’)

I have spent years working on the idea, but lacked the dev environment to build it myself. Now it is miraculous what can be done with Glide - so happy so far!


@Mark_Turrell thanks for sharing with us in the community. I get inspiration from looking at your app.
The video you put on your starting page just opens Loom - I would expect to see an actual video.
I might give some more experiences at a later stage.

I have a few comments concerning T&C and privacy policy.

You have put in terms and conditions - how do you feel about putting in such information which will take very long time to read and understand - doesn’t that contradict with the wish to make the users take on you app. Lots of people just says yes - but do they really understand what they accept.

How does your T&C correspond with Glides T&C and privacy appendix? Glide use cookies - but you say that your system (my understanding = you app) does not.

Do you think your privacy policy takes into account how Glide makes use of external services in order to create its service?

To me T&C and privacy policy is a great issue - and hard to handle in the right way - so very interested in hearing your considerations :slight_smile:

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Hi Krivo - extremely important points. Right now I am only just moving the app into the light, and not getting it used. I have taken an old T&C agreement I had crafted with a lawyer back in 2018 to at least have something that was mostly ok, even if not good and maybe not correct.

In the meantime (today) I looked at termly.io from a suggestion in this forum, and spent more time on https://www.iubenda.com/ to craft a custom and correct T&C document.

Iubenda asks questions about what the app does and the services it uses, then it will come up with a custom template for my offering.

I will also go through it with my wife who is a senior software tester and deals with GDPR issues as one of the pieces of the puzzle in her profession. And we both live in Berlin, so GDPR definitely applies

In terms of readability, it is a hard balance, and typically on balance you go towards being legally correct and good-enough compliance for informing end users. Some things like cookies, right to be deleted, option to not be tracked, etc are necessary front and center (as much as possible).

Right now it is early days for me… but I will share as I go.

And good catch on the cookies! My old app (that a dev company built) did not use cookies, and I had not changed it. It will be changed now!

Thanks, M

Hi @Mark_Turrell,
interesting use case, thank you for sharing.
Is this what it is meant for? your members have interests, offers/skills etc. and somebody else is posting a request and the app matches the two?

Did you every use termly.io or iubenda.com for a German T&C document with Glide?

Hi Christoph!

And yes, that is the purpose of the app. Match making based on content. And that match could just be a connection, or it could be a conversation with lots of people, gathering resources to address a common problem, etc.

Regarding termly and iubenda… in the end I let someone else take things over because…

My app was such a good showcase for what could be done (capabilities and speed), I ended up getting an offer to build a full telemed company for remote covid testing, integrating live web video into Glide to do remote Covid testing.

That project started 17 March - and we are just going into pilot now (leaving the pre-pilot stage). We even had the first full end to end real test today - video session, doing a real covid test remotely, and getting a certificate that can be used to show the (negative) result, plus a QR code to prove it, etc, etc, etc.

I’ll have to make series of explainers as there is a lot of cool things built into the app.

However first I have to get my head around MySQL, as that is the next part of the puzzle for this project. A lot of app/s in just 7 weeks!


Cool, wish you a good start.

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it is the finish line - a remarkably massive amount of functionality in a short space of time. And, with some good luck behind us, the company could be doing at least 10K tests a day, on Glide plus our custom video server (at $10 a test).

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