Glinder - App for meeting people

Glinder - App for meeting people
Hello community.
I present one of my applications, I made it for fun.
It is quite simple, surely many functions could be added, in case someone is interested they can be done.
Basically, at the moment it has the following characteristics:

_ See profiles according to tastes, location, gender, age, etc.
_ Send LIKE and wait for coincidence.
_ Send ME SUPER LIKE to notify the person, you should expect coincidence.
_ Chat function (comments), once there is a match

Here is a video of how it works:

Here I leave the link:

If anyone is interested in registering, I will arrange to match them to test the chat. Just be patient, I will check 1 time per day.

It would be a Tinder style, but there is only LIKE / SUPER LIKE. The last registered profiles always appear at the top.

Comments and / or questions: I couldn’t find a way to match data by user, that’s why I did it that way, with more clicks than a regular Tinder / Happn-style application, etc.
Another topic is comments / chat, the first time you ask me to log in, is this so? Capable happened to me in the PC in test mode and not in the cell phone.

Errors: In the video there was an error in the chat, a text appeared that I already hid.

I would like to know what features would be added? And the errors that you find, I am grateful to report them.
I forgot to tell you that the people in the video and the app are famous in Argentina-:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Thanks and regards.-


@Mariano_Betta, I’ll try it now. Maybe I’m lucky.
Best regards


@Mariano_Betta your app is really cool! I registered :wink:
I think it would be a cool app among students. Can you a little help with the code?

Nice work :+1::+1::+1:

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Hello @VjeraBA
Thanks, I have abandoned that app. Today you could do much better I think with the landslides. Where do you need help or what is your idea?


I’m currently working on another project… but the next app will be like yours :wink: we will make app which will find the best couple in the school :smile:

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Good luck with that!
And if I can help, available…:wink:

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