Is a messaging app possible?

Hello everyone,

Do you know if it’s possible to build a messaging/match app similar to bumble or tinder using Glide? Any help would be appreciated.


Although never using one myself, it does sound possible.
Why don’t you work through as many Glide tutorials as you can stand, then take a good look at both bumble and tinder to see what kinds of information they collect. Then design a spreadsheet that holds that information. Maybe have a tab for Users and one for MatchRequests. Then see what you can come up with based on the Glide tutorials you have seen.

Then when you need some guidance or questions about how do accomplish a specific thing, add a reply to this thread, or create a new one.

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Come on now, how many George_B’s could be on Tinder?

Apparently, based on user name George_B_3247, quite a few.

Just pulling your chain, which you can’t do swiping left or right.

I just was trying to increase my odds 3246 times.

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I want to enter the choice of the colored logo image from the bank transfer and local payment gate in the payment option, how do I do it ??
The other day you can enter a star image in the rating review option.
Maybe you can assist me…

Check out my recent creation:

It’s not done yet, but the framework is there!


Love it! Although, seems that once the “chat” is started and I create a profile, I still need to login to leave a comment (and continue the conversation). Wonder if there’s a way to get around it.

Any chance you can share a template? I’d love to add something similar.

Yeah…I know. Limitation in Glide’s commenting functionality. I’ve submitted a request here (hasn’t been approved yet):


I’ll upvote it! :slight_smile:

If you’re open to sharing a template for this, let me know! Love it!

Very clean. Looks cool!

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Thanks! I’ll share the template once it’s ready. I’m waiting on a couple of feature requests to pass that (hopefully) are in the pipeline. These requests would allow for a more seamless chat initiation and for more user privacy.


Sounds good! Good luck!

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