Here is a fully functioning Tinder Clone template

Tindr is a fully customizable Tinder clone template built using Glide.

Once users join the app, they are asked to complete their profile so they can start looking for potential dates.

The interface is very similar to the popular dating app Tinder where users swipe either left or right to quickly choose who they like or not.

Whenever two users swipe right to each other, a match is created and they can start chatting to get to know each other better.

This is a great template to organize your own speed dating events and to learn what’s possible to create using Glide!

Here is a video explaining how it works in more detail:

You can play with it here →

Happy Gliding!


@grumo - sorry if this is a dumb question: where can we get this template?

The swipe and match template on the marketplace – the link is not working.

Please advise

Hey! You can get the latest version of the template here → Tindr - Tinder Clone Template

Well, this is interesting. I’ve never seen a free app have a pop-up like this while using it before.

Is this template on the old free plan or the new free team plan?

The popup has been there for quite a long time. It’s nothing new (since July 2020 to be exact). However, it’s seemingly random when it pops up and usually once you dismiss it for that app, you don’t see it again.

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You know, I don’t mind the branding (I really don’t), but it really rubs me the wrong way when they still say “made from a spreadsheet”, because it implies no skill whatsoever went into creating the app.

I really think they need to re-phrase the branding.


Glide should update the message as this template doesn’t use a spreadsheet, it uses Glide’s native data tables.