The Fork

Hi everyone, working on an app for a restaurant. Will Glide work to have The Fork as a webview?
Thank you

You will need a PRO subscription to make it work in the live app.

You can view in the builder if the The Fork link opens up in the web view.

Yes, I understand that you have to have the PRO version, but when I’m building it says that “The Fork may not allow itsself to be embedded”, wheras with tripadvisor you can. I was just wondering if this was gonna be available/solved anytime soon. Thank you so much for your answer @sardamit

You’re welcome.

This is something only The Fork team can answer. They may, they may not.

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Most popular websites prevent themselves from being embedded to protect their users from phishing attacks (attacks where apps pretend to be the target site, so they can trick users into sharing their passwords). If you see this warning, the site probably prevents embedding.


Thank you @david