Streaming capabilities

Hello all, I am new to the glide community. I was wondering if glide has livestreaming capabilities?

Not natively. You would have to find a platform that is embeddable and has livestreaming capabilities, then embed it to Glide using the web embed component.

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Exactly. For example, you could have a live YouTube stream embedded in Glide.


Thank you for replying and giving a solution. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for giving an example of how to make it feasible. I appreciate it.

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Hi - I am trying to embed/link to a livestream in the new Glide (formerly pages). I was able to livestream within Glide in the now “Glide Classic”, but it doesn’t seem to work (for me) in the new Glide. Has anyone else gotten it to work in “New Glide”. Any trick to it?

So you were able to use the same link in the “Web Embed” component of Classic Apps but not in the “new Glide Apps”?

I figured it out. User error. Glide works just fine. Thanks.


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