Conference livestream

Hi everyone,

I work for a research foundation which will hold a conference in September.
They consider to get an App programmed where users can follow a livestream.

I believe that our limited financial resources would not be spent well by having an app build for tens of thousands of Euro.

Furthermore, I am not sure whether the servers for the App would suffice having an integrated livestream?

I’ve seen the options for conference apps on glide and think they are not bad (just need some design tweaks here and there :wink: )

Does anyone know whether it is possible to integrate a reliable livestream on glide app for professional conferences? The foundation needs to be certain that it will work without problems, given that people these days won’t be able to attend in person and should get their moneys worth.

Furthermore, do you have a recommendation for livestreams?
I suggested to use a premium version of vimeo, for example, with unlimited livestreaming, but I’ve been told it lacks sophistication. However, wouldn’t video streaming platforms like vimeo be more reliable than perhaps smaller businesses?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I believe you can just use YouTube’s livestream feature and use that link in a video component. Would it work?

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Does it work?

I assume it would, but if anyone has actually tried or can verify that it’s an option that doesn’t come with problems that would be great

It would need to have restricted access, you vimeo offers that, just not sure how that would work within a glide app

I know @Manan_Mehta has used Vimeo + Glide. Maybe he could shed some light on this case.

Whit Vimeo you whitelist the site from which people can watch, so your Glide url in this case.
Only problem with Vimeo: you need the pro version for 70 dollar a month, which wouldnt be a problem if they wouldnt force you into paying a year in advance. So it sets you back 840 dollar for one event.

Thank you for your response! Given that we may use it throughout the year for events, the price might be justified. However, have you heard of alternatives?

If you do it regularly it is a good solution, especially with the whitelisting of sites option.

Yes…live stream YouTube works in a Glide app.


I did a test last month using Streamyard pointed toward a unlisted YouTube video and then added that video link to glide. It worked perfectly. By using a studio app like streamyard you can schedule in advance and it has a nice studio experience better than just a YouTube live. Depends of course on what you are going for.


But if you want a stream that is guaranteed private / unshareble to others, unlisted YouTube is not enough.

Correct. Vimeo might be the way to go.

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True. But if your app is a sales tool and you want more people to view the video, then the privacy in YouTube is not a problem :wink:

No, then I wouldnt even put it in a Glide app :wink:

I disagree - the ability to view a live video in around a specific subject could well be a feature of the app. With the lack of live in-person events right now, I can see many possibilities.

Of course, and it doesnt cost money which is a pro.

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I’m not sure I understand. You used streamyard pointed towards an unlisted youtube video?

I use Vimeo for my course so that the videos are 100% private but I have no experience with livestreams on Vimeo (not sure if that’s even a thing)


Seems like it’s a thing.

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Yeah, need the 70 dollar a month version and pay a year in advance.