How to Live Stream Youtube to Glideapp in Simple Steps

Ok so last night I tried something I couldn’t find other examples of and it worked like a charm. So i have this experimental app I have been building for a friend for his podcast called the Geoholics. We wanted to try something different and instead of just having audio, we wanted to Stream video to Youtube of the show. At first the stream was wonky but fixed it about 8 minutes in…but that had nothing to do with glide. Glide performed so amazing as always. So here is what I did and what you need.

Create a 8x8 account which allows up to 8 simultaneous streams as a video conference. Once you are inside the app and have your URL set up you will have a URL like this that you can invite others to meet you at… then you can find the Start Live Stream button on bottom right to begin streaming to a You Tube Channel… Once the live stream begins, go to the Youtube Channel you are streaming to and open the Live Video in Session / Copy the URL and place it inside a cell of your spreadsheet and head back over to glide to turn that cell into a Video component. What you then have is the live stream to app which 23 people watched as it went down.

One of the best parts about doing it this way is the live stream gets archived to your youtube channel and can then be pushed to Facebook, Twitter etc. using Zapier or IFTTT. So many possibilities…

On Friday I will be extending this to have 8 different surveyors stream in from different parts of the world and will be capturing these videos inside my community. app.

Just thought some of you out there might be as curious as I was about this possibility. Let me know if you have any questions. Enormous thanks to Glide Team for not only making a rock solid tool, but making this sort of innovation fun and exciting again!

What do you think? Is this useful to you?


I imagine as long as you have any youtube link (archived or streaming—you can stream live directly within Youtube as well without an 8x8 account…though the technology there looks promising), you could achieve this same functionality. Never thought to live stream from a Glide app…well done! :clap:


You are correct. And thank you… We’re going to work out the bugs and do it again next week!

@Jaybird_Farrow sorry to bother, I couldn’t help but notice that the description of your app may have a typo. “GEOSPATIAL for Geomatics Professionals”. not big deal, i just thought you may like to know. looks great btw!

Thanks for informing me about how you are livestreaming. I am looking to do that for livestreaming classes in my online tutoring app. I will get in touch with you when I start working on it soon. I was trying out Youtube live streaming directly. Is there any advantage of going via 8x8 account?

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the primary advantage is having 8 attendees and being able to live stream all 8 simultaneously… i run a community of about 16k members so having multiple members meet up on a topic is awesome… the only other platform that i have found can do that is Business Hangouts using gsuites…which is expensive…8x8 is free… hope this helps


Very cool, thanks for sharing.

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I am not able to create a 8x8 account. Could you let me know the link for creating a 8x8 account?

Found this under Video-Conferencing. Seems to be the free part of it. Looks like you can just start a free video conference without signing up, or sign up for free for more features. Haven’t played with it, so I don’t know how it works.



I tried using the meeting link after creating an account, and added the meeting link to video component in glideapps. When I have started the meeting, the video link doesnt show the video. Though, when I click on the link, it goes to the link in the browser and shows the livestream. Is there something about the video component, I need to know in order to see the livestream within glideapp?

Hi @Jaybird_farrow,

I would like to know more about your livestreaming app. Do you allow others to start their live stream right from the app? Or, do you get them to login separately to 8x8 account and then you manage their feeds on the app?

My idea is to have any body easily start a live stream and then have the livestream video displayed to users of the app. Any idea on how to achieve this? One way is for them to create a 8x8 account and then start it and then livestream to youtube and then enter their youtube link. The 8x8 account introduces a complexity which I am trying to avoid. Is there another way to have users take a livestream right from the app?

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Sorry it took me so long to respond @vijay It will be a very manual process at first and i have tested quite a few ways but as along as you have the YT video video inside the calendar invite, the live stream will be embedded…
another way to look at it might me to scrape the JSON of the YT live events feed and pull that into a sheet