Integration API Videochat in Glide App?

Hello Glide Community,
is there a way to integrate a API Videochat in Glide?
I am building an educational App possibly with a Videochat feature.
It would be great to get some feedback.

Search for jitsi here in the forum, there are a lot of posts about how to integrate it to Glide, and actually @Mark_Turrell has built something REALLY robust using it.


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Depending of what you want/need you can use Jitsi on your app.

You can add this in a template column or an URL column:[]&config.disableDeepLinking=true&userInfo.displayName=name

rowid is your column rowID
name is your user’s name.

There is a more detailed post by @Mark_Turrell but I can’t find it.

If I have time later, I will create a sample app if nobody else does it.

Edit: Here’s the app:


Waiting for the sample :innocent:



While you wait


Thanks a lot for the great feedback! So many answers within a short while!

Thank you SantiagoPerez, I am going to research this possibility!

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Nice find! It’s great to have options.

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Jitsi can be easily embedded via webview component with URL @Wiz.Wazeer.


I know that. I had that embedded 6/7 months ago like that. We are talking about Something different.

You can check it out here.

But thank you :blush:

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Now, I remember you. You still keep this app until now. :+1:
Sorry, for my bad English

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Check out the latest animations when you get time. . Hover over them. Replacing everything in this app with CSS animations. You will find one on every screen.


Whereby is also a nice add to this list.


Whereby is pretty good, I tried to make it a thing during the pandemic before Zoom really took off LOL. I used it way back in my consulting business when it was . The UX of inviting someone to a meeting immediately is still much better than Zoom.

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Hi @Wiz.Wazeer
I get the share screen button doesn’t work in glide, unlike if it is opened in the browser. Have you experienced it too?


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