The Data Is Not Recorded

My App/Pages Support link: Glide

Describe the bug: The data is not recorded on the builder sheet, but the result is showing on the users’ screen.

Expected Behaviour: It is supposed that if the result is showing on the users’ screen, it means there was data processing, and the data should be recorded on the builder sheet.

How to replicate: Kindly check the website: and try to fill in the data, the result will be shown. But on the builder is not recorded.


Video: The Data Is Not Recorded (GLIDE) - YouTube

It does not show up even when you refresh the Glide builder tab?

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I am using Glide Data Editor @ThinhDinh . It seems that option to refresh doesn’t exist on Glide Data Editor.

I mean refreshing the browser tab itself.

If it doesn’t work, please go ahead and submit this to the support team. Thank you.

Still not working after refreshing. Thank you @ThinhDinh for your response.

Actually, I’ve submitted the request to support, and the support team asked me to present this idea in the forum.

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Can you explain your app flow in more detail? I see that you accept a name and have a submit button, which takes you to another form, where you answer questions and press another submit button. What do those actions look like for each button? Based on your video, it seems like it’s writing the initial row with the name, but doesn’t show any of the answers. When do you write that row? Is it after the first submit button, or after the second submit button?

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