The case of the lost add screen

It happened to me a couple of times and I don’t really know why: the add screen for a table is lost after some tweaking of the UI. The edit screen is still there, but the add screen is gone. (When I add a new record it’s filled with default components; the previous layout is lost.)

This should not happen unless I remove the collection component through which I reached an add screen, I think. But still it happened, e.g. I changed the layout of the collection or added another component before the collection. At least that’s my perception.

And why is the edit screen retained and not the add screen?

Any suggestions how to avoid this? Any hints at what I’m overlooking/misunderstanding?

Difficult to say exactly but possibly you changed the source somewhere. Changing the source of your screen is known to make the layout revert.

A good tip is to make a duplicate of the tab/ screen components first before making any major changes.

It just happened again. And I definitely did not change the source of a screen or collection.
What I did was switch between “Enable Advanced Actions” and “Switch back to default actions”.
I reproduced it right now and it resets the add layout :woozy_face:
Why would it??? (But now I at least know what’s the cause and can be careful.)

Off the top of my head maybe the advanced action was sourced from a different table. I’ll be home in a few and have a play around with it.

FYI changing the source of a collection wouldn’t cause it… just the source for a screen which can be found in the layout and actions.

I agree this should not cause the problem. You can consider opening a support ticket.

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