Custom Add Row Forms ! Is this now possible or is it a bug?

While I am building my app, I realized that the show form screen (which adds a row to the table) allows me to create custom forms depending on where the action is called. Even though its adding to the same table and from a collection with the same source.

Is this a bug related to actions! or is this a new release? I would like to use it, but I’m worried it would go away if its by mistake.

Edit forms remain to be the same… so if I add an edit action on a row, i get the same template no matter where its called from.

Add and Edit forms have layouts that are connected to the table they are writing to.
Regular Forms always have independent layouts.

It has always worked this way.

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Yes but today my Add forms have different layouts… although they are connected to the same table. The Edit forms are still the same, but the Add ones give me the option to redesign

The first two buttons you showed are regular Forms (Show Form Screen action). They are not Add Forms, so yes they will always have independent layouts. I didn’t see the action for your third button, but I assume that it’s the same. In fact, I’m not sure if Add Forms even exist in New Apps. They definitely exist in Classic Apps, and more closely resemble the Edit Form.

But for the entire time that the Show Form Screen has existed, it has always lead to an independent screen layout. The only time you can reuse a form screen is if you have it in a custom action and you reuse the custom action elsewhere in your app.


They are all “Show Form Screen” actions. Thats the only action which triggers a form that adds a row in a table. (unless I’m wrong).
What is the Add Form action you refer to called? I don’t think there is such an action.

I recall in the new apps, the Show From Screen actions would display the same layout when called from the same table. Just like the edit forms. Saving us time on rebuilding the same form when we add.

I like it more this way as we can add different data depending on where the user is on the app… but I don’t think it was like this since the start.

Like I said, I think that is something unique to Classic Apps where we had list style screens and you couldn’t add additional components on the screen, other than the list. With New Apps, all screens are Detail screens and everything just works differently, so there is no need for an Add Form anymore, as the regular Form does the same thing and gives you more flexibility.

Getting to the Add Form in Classic apps is a different process.


I guess I can’t confirm or deny this. Maybe in some cases if a collection is copied, it might use the same form screen or the forms may become interlinked somehow.

My understanding of the Show Form Screen for the past few years has always been that it is not tied to the table and can be independent from other forms screens. It’s always been that way and I haven’t known it to be different.