Text Wrapping Issues in Title, Text, Hint and Rich Text Components


Having the same issue. This is in Title text - word wrap is working for one collection, not for another.

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Weird! What’s the difference between the two collections?

The mystery deepens. The one that wasn’t working was text that I pasted from the other one. I just went back and re-typed the text into the broken one and now it is wrapping correctly. I have noticed some other issues with pasted text recently, where references would not work, which is what prompted me to try typing it.

I’ve pasted data plenty of times in the past with no issues so am not sure what is going on here.

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Ah…I had this bug earlier:

Now I’m convinced it has to do with “space values” not copying/pasting correctly!


Yes, this has been my experience recently as well.

I also had a copy/paste issue in Data Editor, when copying and pasting values to the Users Role cell.

Same issue here, any solution?

No solution yet…it’s REALLY frustrating.


Maybe we could bribe @Jason :thinking:

Jason? Any way we could bribe you? If so please let us know.

(It has to do with “space values” not copying/pasting correctly in the Date Editor.)

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@Jeff_Hager has a better explanation in the Regulars thread:

Jeff_Hager11:23 am

There is a long standing bug where the space character becomes different when you copy and paste text. It may look the same, but the Unicode character is different, so technically it doesn’t match. This has been a problem for over a month and creates these bugs which are very hard to track down. If you copy and paste text, you may have to manually retype the space character. I have no idea when this will be fixed.

Any updates on this issue? :confused:

Not yet. No idea why. I reported this bug back in September :grimacing:

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