New (?) Spacing Issue on Cards + Enable Text Wrapping

Please see screenshots comparing spacing between lines on Cards vs. Tiles. Since last push, seems there is way too much spacing between text items on CARDS (Tiles are fine). I have cards as primary component all over my app, not just for user profiles, but for posts, and countless other things so this really sticks out. Please, can you reduce the spacing? Another issue came up as I was trying to workaround this spacing-I thought I would just use tiles for now but you allow text wrapping on cards but not tiles so the title gets cut off into the abyss of the …! Please enable text wrapping on tiles to be consistent with cards unless there is a reason not to? Thank you so much - Happy Friday! :pray: :kissing_closed_eyes:

@Antonio is there any update on this? This spacing for cards vs. tiles is a daily problem! Please can you guys fix it?



@Antonio Just want to share an example of how headers not wrapping is a problem in the Cards layout…

I use the Header to use a pop of color in the app - (okay so this color isn’t very vibrant) but still, it’s a visual branding of sorts. BUT, I have to trade-off legibility of the full headline. Please let these Headers wrap (along with Title etc - like in Tiles, they really shouldn’t be different). (PS: I know I’m being really annoying about this. :grin:) But please imagine what it’s like with our customers, “this looks amazing! But WHY does the headline of this post cut off? Can you fix that?” How do I say, No, that’s just the way it is! :no_mouth:


@Deena Thanks for the feedback :wink: Yes, we’ve recently enabled text wrapping in the checklist and we’re planning to review those inconsistencies on the Cards layout (margins and paddings) as well as how the text behaves in there (meaning wrapping for the labels including Header, Title, and Details ).


Since you mention it @Antonio, I have been waiting for checklist wrapping - this is a big issue and I think anything involving a legibility problem should be a priority to fix. My customer is a company and their employees cannot see their performance milestones. I have this somewhat embarrassing note in the app to tell them we’re “working on it” but it has been more than a month. Has it been released yet? The checklists are still not wrapping and I was told by support that it would be released by Thursday August 27th latest. Please let me know! :upside_down_face:

Hi Deena,

Text wrapping has been in checklists for weeks? Did you check “Allow text wrapping” in your checklists option? We didn’t enable it by default :slight_smile:


OMG - Thanks Jason, didn’t even think about it! It’s like Glide for dummies over here today. :no_mouth:

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Join the club @Deena I’m enrolling on the “Organizations for Dummies” class


:sweat_smile: Already been in that one too. :grin: