Text Wrapping Option Not Showing


Is there a reason why text wrapping is showing in one instance, but not the other?

Both are inline lists in tile format, same size, and design.

Is it the same field being used in each instance? I can’t see the upper part of the components screen…Some fields don’t wrap.

Do you mean the data source?


Oh yes it’s different. I wonder if the colon has anything to do with it.

Nope I tried.

Headers and some other data source fields don’t wrap and it’s inconsistent between tiles and cards layout…something that drives us nuts @Antonio. Causes unnecessary rework trying to find something that works and there is always one issue or another. Please prioritize getting these data sources fields to all wrap, at least 2-3 lines, and let it be consistent between tiles and cards. :sweat_smile: :innocent:

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Yea its soo weird! and annoying! lol Not feeling the cut off text.

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Ok, I see orientation is the only design difference. So it should be available for horizontal orientation as well.