Cards layout | "Tag" displays on top of Title AND Header fields + Header field doesn't wrap text

First of all, THANK YOU - Having the Cards without Image is incredibly useful. Little display issue…See screenshot. + Yes, I am throwing a little enhancement request in here…please allow Header text to wrap! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please fix this sooner than later - Need to be able to use Tags concurrently with Title and/or Header!


+1 to Header text being wrap-able.


Thanks Deena, we’ll look into this.


Good morning! Please make this a higher priority to fix…it has been 4 days and this is not a minor display issue - it’s obstructing the user’s ability to read important information. We demo this app - it’s a software as a service - and we cannot demo with a major display issue like this. A lot of times when there is a display issue we work around it but I really want to stop doing rework to change layouts and put them back as it holds up our ability to develop. Thank you!

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I know you don’t like workarounds, but if you absolutely need something, I have created a column named tmp-Empty and filled it with an empty character from Then I assign that template column to one of the unused fields that take priority at the top of the card. This pushes everything down below the tag.

I’m a programmer…workarounds are my life. I’d rather do something knowing I have the ability to get it done and clean it up later. My app has evolved quite a bit over the past year and a half. New features have allowed me to rebuild parts and make it more efficient. I don’t see myself as ever being done. However, it’s something that should still be fixed. :wink:


Thank you Jeff, this is really clever! You’re right - I don’t like workarounds for bugs. I do think that workarounds while Glide functionality evolves, make total sense! Thank you for sharing this!

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@JackVaughan / Glide team, please fix this! I have waited for 7 days - was hoping it would be fixed in the Tuesday release. I have these tags all over my app now that we can use cards without images - so slick except for this! :upside_down_face: Thank you! :innocent:

@Deena how did you get the user image and name on the lower part of your cards?

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You have to make a relation in the Glide Data Editor to whereever the user image lives (usually user profiles), and then after that, use that relation to create a Lookup column in the data editor and select the column the image is in - using the relation, you have access to all of the columns in the user profiles sheet. Then you have that lookup as a value for the image as an Avatar for the cards. Repeat for Name, which you would choose as value for Avatar text.

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Thanks so much!

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Check out this post for more details:
“Posts Layout”? — Tiles without the images


It’s on our list @Deena. Thanks for your patience.


Thank you @JackVaughan, @Jason, I sincerely appreciate and understand how long that list must be! And not to keep going about it, but I did want to take a moment to again, thank Glide team for making the cards a component that can be used without images, and also to clarify the issues so that as this moves up the list, you have some examples of how this can be improved! :pray:

Here is a screenshot with the cards in use - soooooooo handy and slick in my use case, to display a feed of company news! :raised_hands:

  1. You can see that I have used the title in each data value to demonstrate the problem with the Header and Title not wrapping. I want to use the Header to display the item titles, but forced to use the Details instead until wrapping is fixed.

  2. Please also note how the favorites button is sitting over and conflicting with the text displayed on the first line.

  3. As indicated in my original bug report, the TAG writes over the first line.

PLEASE, if it is possible to fix these three issues together, it would so very much appreciated and impactful. I think many of us waited a long time for the cards to work without images and then we kind of have another set of little issues preventing us from using them as we’d like! :star_struck:

Thank you again and hope you can forgive me for being a little pesky! :innocent:

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Totally understand @Deena, no problem. Thank you for sharing all this.


This is amazing! Love it.


I was looking for something like this days ago and now I see I’m not alone in this world!!

Thanks @Jeff_Hager, great tip


Header writing over Tag is fixed. Thank you Glide team! :blush:


Thanks for the update! Yeah, this had been a problem even with my original CSS hack here:

Glad to see it’s fixed!

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Yes Yes that’s cool.

But suddenly it is possible to adjust the card if the Tag is empty?

Unless it bothers Deena !

Card Header


If you are referring to the card having that space at the top and not resizing itself to a smaller height to center the items, it has always been the case that cards (and tiles) in an inline list will be the height of the card in the list that has the most fields, otherwise, in scrolling horizontally, they would look odd. I am not sure if that’s the reason Glide fixes the card heights this way, but I would guess so. I agree with you that if the height has to be fixed in this way for consistency, it would be nice to have everything on each card centered! I don’t really recall if this is a new issue, but I welcome having someone else report it to Glide as I am sure they are tired of me!

Lists on the other hand, resize at the item level vs. the list level.