"Posts Layout"? — Tiles without the images

I know that this seems weird but, just like we’re able to leave the image blank in lists, it would be great if we could do the same in tiles.

That, or be able to have the option to wrap text in lists.


An illustration of what that could look like.
As you see the image allows to be a dash like some other parts of the app, and that removes the images. Making it title and body copy only as shown on the screen.


I’m resurrecting this post. :zombie:

The past couple of apps I created could have truly shined with this functionality. My most recent attempt at an FAQ/Forum app needs this feature to have the best UX.

I imagine it wouldn’t be a difficult feature to implement, right @Antonio / @Jason? Simply removing the image from the tiles as a stop gap?

Though, honestly, a whole new layout would be even better…“Posts” layout:

  1. optional image field
  2. Title field
  3. Details/Caption field that accepts markdown/rich text

This would open Glide to a whole new category of apps—blogs, forums, FAQs, HelpDesks, publishing, etc.


Related to your comment @Robert_Petitto, I wish the tile layout allowed for the text elements (title, details) to be positioned atop the image without Glide automatically adding a gradient overlay. It has already been requested.

Markdown and rich text in the list view would be so nice. I see a big drawback though: the programmer would then have so many options at hand that he would have to know how to design. Currently, one doesn’t need to know much about design and yet still deliver decent UI.

Something like this in more advanced (tile element not visible against the background, markdown text, longer text) would be great.

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I bet @Christophe_HK has a CSS trick for this :wink:

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As usual, add a (non visible) Rich text component with the following contents :

.tile-overlay {
.tile-text-container {

and say good bye to the tiles image overlay :smiley:


The CSS king of this platform, I must say.

Playing around with CSS I managed to achieve this with one line of code:


We can do lot of fun things with CSS !


Absolutely gorgeous.

Say Goodbye to the card image ! It looks really great !!

:smiley: :+1:t3:

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If only there was a way to allow the Details to be formatted in markdown, it would be perfect.

Challenge accepted.


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Beautifully done.

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Have you found a way that it doesn’t limit the characters on the description and just wraps?

I guess I can do the same with the tiles

The solution green button on the bottom right… which kind of component is that?

Yes, if you use the tiles, it won’t limit. I chose cards because I wanted the avatar and name. With tiles, if I hide the image, I hide everything lol.

Part of the cards layout: caption