"Posts Layout"? — Tiles without the images


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Another “Posts” layout I’m using for a client. Cards without Images = Beautiful alternative to list view:


Looks nice & clean. You sharing the CSS?

Place this in a Rich text component and place it at the bottom of your list of components on any details view that has an inline list of cards.


One caveat to this is that you can’t add a “Tag” to the card as it will be placed on top of the header. I’m sure @Christophe_HK has a solution to this :wink:

What a difference this makes. The supervisor list is tiles, the A & B Team Staff lists are cards.


Thanks Robert, works well. :+1:

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Unfortunately it does work when search is enabled, brings back the image element of the tile.

Hm…CSS might need a tweak to include a second element. I’ll look into it.

Nice Robert

Super star :star2:

Hmm now got a rendering issue leaving a gap where the image should appear. Looks like we may need to give up on this until glide (maybe) builds natively. Have a good weekend!

Give up?! No way!!! Now I’m motivated to find a solution!

Sorry :neutral_face:

I can’t replicate…can I copy your app? Is this in the builder, the desktop view or mobile view?

web view…answered my own question

You could try adjusting the margin or the padding in CSS.

Nope…there is no margin or padding to adjust. For some reason it only happens upon initial load. When navigating away from the screen and then back to it again, it displays “as intended”

Maybe @Christophe_HK has some CSS tricks that could prevent this unwanted behavior?

Or @Jason / @Antonio can allow us to have an Image > None in the cards view and call it a day?

:pray: :pray: :pray:

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Been tinkering for an hour and I can’t make headway. Not sure what’s driving the initial height of the container vs. the height of the container upon later navigation. Even attempting to override the row-height of the card doesn’t work. So disappointed.

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