More tiles per row

It occurs to me that the section to increase the “tiles per row” in the design section of the “list in line” view could be designed so that the images that will be used as “icons” are displayed smaller. Example: if the panel had more than 4 tiles per row, these would be reduced in size and thus the images would be made smaller (example: social media icons). Is it something absurd to ask, or maybe it can be done? Thank you


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I agree. I do think though that with the new editor this will be possible. They spoke about putting images and buttons into containers so we will see soon :slight_smile:


And hopefully a container is like a CSS Class - where you can set the visibility - but you can override it for individual items. And what would be EXTRA EXTRA good would be to be able to create overlays and borders for the groups.

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It’s possible :wink:


Hello Robert! Hey, for you the impossible don’t exist man! hahaha genius !! you always have the ace up your sleeve. Thanks for your quick responses. Best regards :star_struck: :clap:

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Maybe I should of said natively in Glide,clearly that was what was intended.

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I hope Glide keeps on adding native stuff, I don’t want to learn the complex workarounds :wink:


It turns out in this forum we have a handful of people that all have niches they are good at which makes it a great community to learn these workarounds and broaden your knowledge. Robert is one of these individuals, I would say to you that until Glide does this, give his a try it’s a lot easier than you think :grinning:

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I am a big fan of Robert, as I say often!

Yeah, he’s Glide’s spokesman alright.

Oh I completely agree.

exactly friend, as is

Hi @Robert_Petitto thanks for this insight, but I tried to replicate this code and it isn’t exactly working. Only margins changed, but not the sizes of the tiles or the shadows. Any change this only worked in a previous version? Do you have any updated code for this effect?

Thank you!

Do you want to make sure you’re in my list is set to tiles, horizontal layout, four across.