Text entry disappears

When I try to create a new text entry field for a user to fill out, it will write into a column then dissapear within a second. Sometimes it will work when I test in the layout interface but not in the preview. It’s been super frustrating having to deal with this as I need that text field to be completed as part of a user’s onboarding before they can fully use the app. I reached out to customer support but they sent a long email about how they can’t help me because I’m not a paid user.

Do you have a video of this?

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Yes, I submitted to the success team as well. I can DM you with it now.

Yes, please!

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Just sent it! Thank you @SantiagoPerez!

Hi @Michael_Zaps

Could you share a support link to this app?

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Please, take a look at the Role documentation: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/topics/security-and-user-data/roles

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THAT WAS IT!! I tested it multiple times and it works seamlessly now. Thank you so much @SantiagoPerez! I’m actually curious why Role automatically wrote to my text (LinkedIn) column.

The system let you write and takes it off once it checks out if that user has that role or not.

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