Add row action to GS -> Custom text isn't saved

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Describe the bug:
The column Role is not populated when add row action with custom text is triggered
Action add row → Custom Text to column “Role” → Text is not filled in GS, saved only only locally

Expected behavior:
Text should be inserted with the new row to GS

How to replicate:
Action add row → Custom Text to column “Role” → Text is not filled in GS only locally

Link to demo recording:
Sorry my mic died so no sound but you can see the flow and settings

I believe Glide is blocking editing user’s emails and roles in Users sheets… I have the same problem… what I did is create onChange script that will overwrite the value… so simply, write the value in a regular column, and use the script to copy it and overwrite

Any chance that “role” column serves as a “role” in your User Profiles settings?

Does that mean I cant add values to it?
For the past year it wasn’t a problem,.
anything new?

As others have mentioned…

What I normally do to add/edit roles is send a webhook to Make with the RowID and Role name, and then have Make update it - either via the API or by directly setting it in the Google Sheet.


It will only work when creating new users, if the user adding the row already has the role that’s being assigned.

Yes exactly what I did as a run around,
But I don’t use any Glide logic with roles, so I unassigned it from the user table settings and now it works.
I recently changed the privacy setting so I guess that’s what suddenly happened with this action.
I wish we could know ahead this these sort of things, cost me some time…

Well, it is documented behaviour :wink:

4 days :sweat_smile:
Took me too long