No data is passed from the Glaid table to the Google table in the Role column

Hello! Tell me what the problem is, I’m changing the user role in Glide. In the application spreadsheet in the browser, I see changes, but in the Google spreadsheet, nothing happens. And only in this column - Role. How to fix it? A day ago everything was working correctly.

A couple of questions:

  • How is the change being made? ie. Is it through a Set Column Values action, or are you making the change directly in the Glide Data Editor?
  • Is this a “true” Role column (configured as a Role column in your User Profiles setup), or is it just a column that you have named Role?

One thing to be aware of is that Users can only assign a role to another user if they have that role themself.

Thank you for efficiency)
1- yes this is a column in the Users tab
2- until yesterday everything was working. Depending on the registration of the user, he had the corresponding role
3- I make changes to the column by choosing from the proposed options - Admin / Guest.
I even tried to write a function directly - enter text in the Role field - Everything works in the table inside the application - it shows the changed value. But after exiting the application Column
The role appears unchanged. If I directly write in the Google spreadsheet, it can be seen in the Glide. But then in the program changes are visible only during the session. As soon as I exit the changes made are not written to the table, and only to the Role. All other data is written without problems.

I would pay special attention to this statement. If the user that is assigning a role of Admin or Guest to a user, they also must have that same role, and in this case they must have both the Admin AND Guest assigned as their user role. This is a security feature so a user can’t assign a role that they don’t have authority to.

I just want to make sure that it’s not the security protection that’s causing this issue.

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It’s just a text column called Role. With it, I can see or some features are hidden. As I just chose - the same problem with the E-mail field.
Gets mutable data only in Glide. In Google spreadsheet - nothing happens in these 2 columns.
Also, sometimes I remove a user from a table and it reopens after a few seconds.

Are you saying that if I have 3 types of role, then I can only give the role the same as mine?

If you’re using Roles as per the document that I linked to, then yes. But…

As it’s not a true Role column, then the restriction that both Jeff & I mentioned doesn’t apply.

Back to the issue at hand, I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer for you. Jeff might have some ideas.
It does seem odd that only this one column is affected. If you force a manual sync, does the data appear in your Google Sheet?

Changed the value manually in the Glaid table - changed in the Google table. Why?

I write in Glide immediately appears in Google. But only manually.
The email field is filled in correctly and automatically. There are failures - but rarely.

Can you show me how the value gets changed in your app?

What sort of component/action combination is used?

Also, when you change the value using the app, does the change appear in the Glide Data Editor?

1-There are 3 Roles: Newlyweds, Admins and Guests.
2- Newlyweds initially enter names and emails into the Guests tab - everyone is automatically assigned the role of Guest.
3-all changes are visible in the Glaid data editor and displayed correctly - Always.
4-to change the entered data, I use the Choice operator. Everything is correctly shown in the data editor.
5- Changes made are not displayed in only one column - Role.

I decided to change the column in which I write the Role - now in another field I see changes in the Google spreadsheet. But as soon as I switch to the Role - everything - nothing works - witchcraft?

Uploading: Screenshot_2.jpg…

Can you show a screen shot of this same table from the Glide Data Editor, please?
Make sure the column headers are shown in the screen shot.

Uploading: Screenshot_4.jpg…

Uploading: Screenshot_5.jpg…

the arrows pointed to the columns in which the role could be written. But this in the column with the name of the role in Cyrillic - does not work. I’m already thinking of creating a new column with the same function and setting everything up for it. And I’ll leave this non-working column with that name for now.

The only other thought I have is that maybe it has something to do User Profiles.

What are the privacy settings in your app? Is it Public with Email?
If it is, you should make sure that you have User Profiles correctly configured (I can see from your screen shots that they are not). Even if it’s not related to this issue, not having it correctly setup will cause you problems in the future.

Other than that, I don’t have any more suggestions, sorry.

The application is publicly available with email.
User identification by email, I also enter the phone number, first name and last name.
I’ll try to reconfigure … I’ll write about the result. Thank you)

Made the following changes today.
I created an additional column and specified it in UserID as Role. But I don’t use it. And actually I process a column which at me was used as a Role. As a result - everything works)
Glyid is probably blocking writes to the column that is listed as Role in UserID. I’ll figure out why later…

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