Data deleted from Glide table after refreshing the application

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    No support link, app not in production yet due to this bug

Describe the bug:

  • Describe the bug in simple terms
    -Data is successfully written to Glide Table after filling a form (double checked in the glide table) but mysteriously disappear after a refresh of the web page (same behavior on every browser)
    -This bug occurs every time on the same column (regardless its placement in the table).
    (cf video demo)

Expected behavior:

  • What should happen?
    Data in “role” column should not disappear (cf demo video)

How to replicate:

  • List the steps, in detail, for recreating the issue
    Create a new user (fill out the form) and refresh the web page
    (cf video demo)

Link to demo recording (optional):

  • You can find a demo of the bug here
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Is that Role column defined as the Role in your User Profiles configuration?

If yes, that is correct and expected behaviour. A role can only be assigned when creating a user if the creator has the role being assigned. This is covered in the documentation.


Yes that Role column is defined as the Role in my User Profiles configuration.
As seen in the documentation “Therefore, if you want users in your app to be able to assign all role-types – then they need to be given all role-types themselves.” → I want admins to be able to create all types of users with different roles, how can I do that? Is there any solution instead of just replacing the “role” attribute in the configuration of user profiles ?

Thank you again.

The only way to give your Admin users all possible Roles would be if you had a non-computed array column for your Roles. Unfortunately that’s only possible if your Users table is connected to a Google Sheet. As you are using native Glide tables, I’m afraid you don’t have that option.

So you are left with two options:

  • Assign roles to users manually via the Data Editor.
  • Automate it using an external service such as Make (this is what I do). The way it works is you use an onSubmit action with your form that triggers a webhook. The webhook should contain two parameters: the RowID of the row just created, and the Role name. You then configure Make to send an API call back to Glide to set the role for the user you’ve just created.