Column acting like a user specific column but its not

On my users table the first column is “Role” which determines what the user can see. When I use a new form to add a row to users everything adds correctly.

When a different user adds someone the “Role” column will show them what they put in but on my end it is blank.

Its not a user specific column…

Users cannot set Roles that they do not have.

So how do I fix this?

You can only help users setting it using an external service like or Zapier, as far as I aware.

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Maybe with the new api column?? :thinking:

…that would be sporty

If it’s available through the API, then that should absolutely work.

Yes, I can confirm that works.


How do you do it with the API?

You can use the new Call API action, as long as you have a Pro Team plan or better.
Essentially you would have an onSubmit action that sends an API Call to your own App, with a set-columns-in-row mutation that sets the role in the affected row.

Could you help me with this?

What have you set up so far?

Have a watch of the tutorial below. Most of what you need to know to do this is covered.