Email, text Entry disappear when start writing into it! help!

I can’t find a clear answer to this issue here in the forum.

Has anyone experience such an issue?
I have an email entry and a text entry and when I start to edit any of these fields they disappear not even populate the respective cells or populate it only with the first letter of the word that I want to write. No visibilities property applied.

Any help?

Is there any visibility set in those components? Like when this own component show only when is not empty


Hi Lucas. As I know no. I not set any visibility property/feature.

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Hi @RicFran22

Could you share a screen recording of this issue? You can use to record your screen.

Okay. I will try. I never make one but I wil try and then post it here.

Thank you for your support


Hi @SantiagoPerez , @Lucas_Pires

I´ve checked i have a visibility condition set but the problem remain since the text entry in this case disapear although visibility condition was not met. I made a little video. I’m sorry but i’ve not micro.

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Your problem is here. You have a row owner on the email column, while you’re letting yourself edit the email for the row.

First you’re using, then you switched that to Once the data syncs, you lose access to the original row since you’re still logged in with Don’t allow editing of the email column.


Humm I see.
But I need to protect this kind of data. The thing is I am in the free version and within privacy, selecting Public with email Glide anonimize the email. In this case I do not know what is the real guest email and I need it for a legal matter of the business (guesthouse).

Are there any manner to get the real email and from there protect that kind of data to show to the guest only his info after?

Thank you so much for your support

Create a separate email column that the user can edit. Don’t touch the anonymous email and leave it as a row owner column.

Also, if you switch to a pro plan, you can turn off anonymous emails and collect the real user email.